Combat Support Question/Help

  1. 7 months ago

    Hi, I'm having troubles with the combat support module code section. I have code to remove and replace the transport vehicle's inventory and then some code to prevent the AI from moving when rappelling. This works when I put the code in the init of a vehicle I placed down (player placed vehicle's Init ). I am having trouble converting it to a string so it works with the combat support function: this setvariable ["CS_CODE","persistent _code as 'string';"]. I tried to use the setvariable function and create a separate file to call in the code section of the module and nothing it working. I linked all the code I am using. How would I convert this player placed vehicle's Init to a string for the module to read?




  2. I figured out my issue. I needed to put two sets of quotations around the items I am adding. Code . This fixes the issue with the helicopters not landing and just hovering. Also the scripts continue to work when a player re-logs from the server.


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