Units not spawning but are virtually there on the debug

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    Not sure where to post so i will here. I am having a problem with spawning units, they show up on the map as there virtually in the debug but they are not there on the map i'm not sure how to fix this as i cannot find anything that represents this, if there is any reason for the units not spawning and you know why could you let me know thanks.

  2. Hard to say without seeing. Are you using a headless client or have you adjusted the default settings in the Virtual AI module? I guess it’s probably possible severe strain (possibly from a poorly optimized mod or trying to spawn too much stuff at once) or desync might cause this but I’ve never had it happen to me.

    You haven’t really posted enough details. Can you elaborate?

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    Yeah sorry i'm not really sure how to explain more they just don't spawn i have tried different maps and amounts of units and i have used Alive for a long time and never seen this before. I was using it fine the other day, i am just trying to spawn BLU FOR units and they show up on the map when i use debug they move around and everything seems normal until use zues to find the unit and they are not there on OP FOR or BLU FOR i waited a few minuets to see if they did spawn but they don't. it can get a screen shot not sure how much help i would be. https://imgur.com/gallery/Gwfl0cv (Screenshots of the problem, i did not know how to put the images on here sorry) the units are showing on the map with the debug i circled where they are but they aren't showing up for real in the game.

  4. Can you debug the Virtual AI module in the editor and see if groups are in these areas where the Zeus icons are? Then, to be doubly sure before zeusing/teleporting there, in-game, open the ALiVE menu and select the option to show active units when near the area as well?

    Are you running a headless client?

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    What do you mean a Headless client? This is for a single player mission not multiplayer if that what a headless client is used for? Im not totally sure what to do but, i enabled debug on virtual AI and it shows where they are meant to be in the markers i moved my player in Zues and they are not there.

  6. Zeus is a virtual entity and depending on certain situations, will not trigger virtual profiles to actually be spawned into reality. Try teleporting within spawn range and then zeus over to see if they have appeared in the "real world".

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    Yeah i have done that, I know that they are virtually there out of a certain range you can set with the alive module i have it set to 1200 for infantry and 2000 for air. and i have walked through the area as my player but they still dont spawn.

  8. Hmm. What mods and scripts are you using? Does this happen if you copy/paste the mission to Stratis?

  9. i have just reinstalled Arma and removed all my mods currently re installing Alive and CBA and see if it was one of my mods conflicting with Alive, i did have over 50 different addons so i would not be surprised if there was a conflict it worked fine before hand but i guess something change i will let you know if i fix the issue by doing this.

  10. Okay seem to have fixed the issued maybe, units are spawning again(i made a quick mission on Altis), i shall test a few maps that i was having problems in and see if they persist, i may have fixed it probably a corrupt mod or some other thing. ill make a decent mission and see if everything works okay.

  11. Heroes whats your favourite mission for alive, i have played a couple that you have made, just wondering if you could recommend a few that are on the workshop?
    (don't have to be but preferred)

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    @AUTigerGrad makes great missions. His Market Day one is a lot of fun and shows how you can use ALiVE as a backdrop for a more focused (and lightly voice acted) op: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1369777532

    I’d say look through his missions for sure. I think he has a few others like that. You may want to avoid some older ones of his that haven’t been maintained (not that they aren’t all great, just they might not work anymore due to platform and ALiVE updates), but anything with a newer last update date is likely going to be a great time. His ops are amazing.

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    Thanks i still have the problem but i know what it is, its zues the AI does not see that Zues is a entity so when i take control of a Unit with zues it does not think that unit is me how do i fix this? it only seems to respond to units i manually place, i usually just place one unit off in the distance then use zues to take control of the AI but im not sure why they don't show up when i go to them with zues. i will be sure to check his missions out once i fix this, Alive is the only thing keeping me playing this game if it wasn't for Alive i would have stopped long ago. yeah i have tried syncing the Zues to my player, i have typed #adminlogged in zues, im not sure whats causing it i have always been able to find the units with zues and i could sit and watch the battles take place. the weird thing is that Civs show up with the zues and i can take control of them but only OP FOR an BLU FOR units that are close to my originally place unit will spawn.

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    So to be clear, groups spawn like normal, and spawn correctly when Zeusing around, but DON’T spawn when you change your playable character using Zeus? Is that correct? @jabertcul

  15. No they only spawn when close to my character i placed in the editor they do not spawn when i zues around but civs do.

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    But they DO spawn when you move a playable unit there and enter the game world? Just want to make sure I’m clear on the exact nature of this.

    Enter game. Enter Zeus as playable character. Zeus around. Virtual units will not spawn (except for civs). Anything I’m missing?

  17. Yes they spawn when i put my player character in the middle of it all yes. and yes only civs spawn when im zuesing around and my player character is not close.

  18. Ok. This is not desired behavior pretty sure. I think Arjay coded Zeus to be picked up as a player entity a long ass time ago. It’s possible we had another regression. I’ll take a look. Thanks for the report.

  19. Yeah im not sure it was working just fine the other day, and have never seen this. i did recently download a new version of Alive but it was from the official website. maybe if i use a older version and test it out see if they spawn.

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    It’s probably an actual bug so don’t worry about diving into the archives. For now, you can create a file called init.sqf, and put this code inside it:

    [] spawn {
    	if (isserver) then {
    		waituntil {!isnil "ALiVE_SpawnSources"};
    		ALiVE_SpawnSources append allCurators;

    And put it in your mission root folder and see if it works.

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