1. 6 months ago

    Is it possible to create a way to spawn only the profiles related to air tasks?

    One of the problems of setting a spawn radius for airplanes is that the number of profiles that spawn can drastically knock the FPS or create multiple spawn / despawn stutterings if they are many as you move.

    If you set 4000 (which is a minimum good value, you can see enemies at a good distance on airplanes / helis but the number of profiles can be huge sometimes!) If you set lower values, you will have to get very close to the enemies and you will have to be very, very fast to prepare the pos of aircraft for the attack or it may mean your death to MAA, MANPADS etc.

    I used a script placed on an invisible drone to teleport it to anywhere on the map with a simple mapclick, but only works on the single player.

    But why?

    I use the MRH Satellite in ALiVE to monitor insurgents. As only a drone can spawn profiles beyond players, I use that drone to create the spawn of the area and after pass my satellite to observe the insurgents and civilians, it's really cool!

    And unfortunately the drones in A3 are bugging a lot, sometimes spending 20 min to leave the base and go lol

    Now I ask, Is it possible to fix it? I saw something about the new spawn sources and wanted more details to think of something better than my script. Something not only to improve spying with satellite but also to improve for those who play aerial vehicles in ALiVE.

  2. Edited 6 months ago by SpyderBlack723

    spawn / despawn stutterings

    This should be pretty much eliminated in the latest build.

    All you have to do to add a player-like spawn source is add ANY object to the ALiVE_spawnSources variable. If there are no existing objects you can use, I would advise picking a simple object that cannot be destroyed like a cone or sphere/arrow helpers and making them invisible. Profiles will then spawn around the object as you move it around the map.

    So, basically if you don't need the drone for anything other than spawn purposes, ditch it in favor of one the suggested objects above and push it into the array.

    It's important to remember that you will need to remove the object from the array once you no longer want it to spawn profiles. For objects this should be as simple as calling deleteVehicle _spawnObjectVar

    This is a very useful tactic for preloading profiles in an area, and if you know how, I would also advise adding a 2-3s "connecting" period when opening the UAV screen so that the profiles are given a chance to spawn before players observe the area.

  3. Thank you Spyder! I'll try


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