Noob requesting help with mission

  1. last year

    Hello all! After playing with HeroesandvillainsOSs Inshallah Mission and enjoing it I decided to try my luck in designing my own mission, but encountered some questions. The scenario is simple: two major factions (CFP_O_USMC and CFP_O_RUARMY_DES) fighting over Takistan and added some insurgents (CFP_O_TBAN) for the flavor. I setup the the Alive Modules, synced them (mil and civ objectives), overided factions, placed some MACCs (overide factions and synced), made some TAORs, placed the modules where I thought it made sense and decided to test the whole thing just to see what happens. I noticed a couple of things:

    1. MACC using just one plane for misssions, no helicopters. I tried to place the manually and sync them to the Virtual AI, but again no luck.
    2. I am getting some black window warnings: Error Undefined variable in expression: _attack

    File \x\alive\addons\sys_profile\fnc_profileEntity.sqf and Error Undefined variable in expression: _x
    My qestion is: am I missing something or I did something wrong.
    Thank you for your time.

  2. It’s possible RHS isn’t compatible with MACC. I’d say first to try a vanilla faction just to test to see if it works then.

  3. Hi Hero, I am not using RHS, but CFP. And tried the vanilla factions with same result.

  4. Ha wow I’m blind :(

    My bad!

  5. Could you post the vanilla mission here?

  6. link text - this is the thing i was plying with
    link text - this is a vanilla version

    PS1. Strangly after enabling only the base stuff some things dissapeared, I mean warnings. I will try to enable one mod at a time to search for the source.

  7. Does MACC pick up the choppers now in the vanilla version? Is MACC working now too I mean?

  8. OK, so I run the simulation for about 25 minutes to see what happens in both cases. vanilla and the one I was working with (the differencies were small between the versions mod wise just a couple of CUP and CFP modules on top of vanilla) and noticed some things:

    1. manually placed planes and synced with Virtual AI barely used for player faction only after the one spawned by the modules were commited to ATOs. Helicopters not used for player faction just for AI faction.
    2. strange warnings about fnc_analysis and and fnc_ATO.sqf
    3. some undeletable bodies

    link text
    I uploaded some screenshots.


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