Player Persistence Autosave

  1. 10 months ago

    I've never used the player persistence autosave option before. It does come with a performance warning which makes me wonder who's used this and what did you set the autosave interval to? I'll be saving locally to the server, not to the war room, and it's only going to be a 8 player mission.

    Can I get away with saving every 60 seconds? Who's had some experience with this?

  2. The player auto save seems to be quite old but with local saving you shouldn't notice any performance issues. It does seem to be hardcoded to run the auto save script every 5 minutes so the setting in the module can only be a multiple of 5 minutes. I mean it can be anything but they'll only save at 5, 10, 15 etc minute intervals. ^^

  3. Ok thanks for that, so I should be putting 300 into the module field to get 5 mins right, it's not going to do something like 300 * 5 mins?

  4. Edited 10 months ago by marceldev89

    If you want to save every 5 minutes then I guess you could put anything below 300 to make sure it actually does it's thing every 5 minutes.

    If you put in 300 it might just miss the window and then it'll be 10 minutes instead.


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