Infinite? Load if a player is slotted when the mission first launches

  1. 10 months ago
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    I've been having an issue where the server loads slowly, or not at all, if a player is slotted in and loads with the initial mission load. If no player connects and the mission loads, there are zero problems and the mission loads VERY fast.

    Does anyone else have this issue?

    I'm sure you'll ask for my server report, I'll have to get it sometime, but I am just curious if anyone has some initial thoughts on this.

    This is with ACE / RHS - maybe someone else has some experience with this and can provide some direction.

  2. Hello, welcome to the forum!

    Let me ask you one thing: Have you enabled auto-init?

    If enabled, disable. On the one hand it helps on fast loading but it breaks some scripts as it was reported in GitHub.

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    Fantastic question! I have no idea!! Haha.

    I will go check and turn it off and report back if I see anything different.

    Thank you


    I do not and did not have Auto-init enabled.


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