Units attacking individually, not as a whole.

  1. 7 months ago

    Hello, I'm new to alive, but know how to set up everything. I've created a simple mission to test it out and everything works perfectly... except for one thing. I've set one commander to occupy a town, while a another commander of the opposing faction starts at an airbase and must take over the town the first commander is occupying. Everything works fine, the first commander has units patrolling in the town, and the second commander attacks the town.

    But, my issue, is that the attacking commander just sends units at random intervals. So for example, A small infantry squad arrives at the town first, before any other units. but this squad immediately attacks, not waiting for other units to arrive as well. Because this squad is by itself and initiated attack immediately, (alerting the entire town) it gets taken out quickly. Realistically, there shouldn't be random disorganised forces all over the place, they should be all together in one main force, and in the event that they are not together, this squad should have waited for the rest of the attacking forces before engaging. Is there some option that makes forces wait for the rest of attacking forces to arrive before attacking, or realistically, even make all the attacking forces get together before heading to the town?

  2. That's a good point, realistically they would all gather at a staging point before assaulting a town en masse

  3. All units must be ready to attack before they move towards to objective, but different types of units move at different speeds and this causes the issue. We don't have anything to handle this atm.


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