MACC: Exploding aircraft on the USS Freedom

  1. 7 months ago
    Edited 7 months ago by Nablatidis

    I'm running a mission on Altis with MACC on the USS Freedom. Everything works well up until the aircraft respawn. They seem to be often respawning two at a time and on top of each other - Which makes them go boom of course. Or it will just respawn on top of an already stationary aircraft. There doesn't seem to be any check on where to respawn aircraft. The area between the island and the two main catapults seem to be extra troubled with this.
    Is there a fix for this?

    Bonus opinion: I read somewhere that MACC takes in to account what ordnance aircraft have when choosing which aircraft does what . But it's a little annoying when MACC picks an A-164 Wipeout for a CAS or DCA mission. It has 2 AA missiles as standard. I tried editing the mission and remove the AA missiles from them, but they still were picked as CAP\DCA aircraft. Not sure why that was.

  2. For the CAP, if the aircraft's guns are configed with lock on ability they can still be tasked for CAP, such as the WW2 aircraft in Iron Front mod. I've seen the Wipeout engage aircraft with it's cannon so assuming this is the case here.

    Hopefully at some point we'll have the ability to specify aircraft classes for each mission type.


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