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  1. 8 months ago
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    So i am on a mission and using Military Air component commander but sometimes this error pops up (attachment). How can i fix it?

    The problem has 2 sides: air component comander was working on another mission i made.
    Now, on a new mission i made, the airplane its just flying in circles above the airport it is stationed in and It does not leave the area (air component is configured to search all map) to go search the map as it was going in the previous mission. ( side 1)

    (side 2) I assume that when it does not spawn the error shows up and i verify that when it spawns it doesnt leave the area it spawned in but also the error does not show up.
    Can someone look at the pic and tell me what it can be?
    I dont know what i did differently but now this message pops up. -image-

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    Hi Spyder;)!


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