BCR & spawned/places groups

  1. 6 months ago
    Edited 6 months ago by BvB

    Never tried this and searching the forums and wiki I couldn't find a solid answer. Will manually placed groups, or spawned and profiled during missions, become part of the main force for the OPCOM and thus get replacements as losses accrue?

    If so, does it have to be placed as a group (F2 in editor) and be one recognized by alive? Eg I start OPCOM with placement module with overridr setting for 12 infantry groups. Later I spawn and profile 6 armored groups. Will OPCOM now call replacments on the armor too, or just the original infantry? I was looking at options to change force balance/strength to simulate a light unprepared force being reinforced as time goes on. If this isn't possible, could this eventually become a feature, at the very least allow scripting to alter the OPCOM force strength/balance? EG: ...set OPCOM w/x/y/z... for inf/mot/mech/arm or add x profiles to a given category

  2. How are you spawning and profiling new groups? Fairly certain BCR’s are based on the total group count for each side on mission start/init. If you’re somehow adding new groups after mission start, I’m pretty sure they won’t be added to the total group cap for that side.


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