Issues with Combat Support Module (works in editor testing, does not work on dedicated server)

  1. 8 months ago

    I'm currently encountering a strange issue with the combat Support Module. When I test the scenario out in the editor (Testing in the editor as a multiplayer scenario), I am fully able to access combat support via the alive tablet (I have a transport module and a cas module synced up to it). When I export the scenario and load it up on my dedicated server (separate machine) I am unable to access combat support via the alive tablet. It does not show as an option, with only Orbat being in the list (using ace self-interact to open these). The vehicles associated to the transport and cas modules both spawn, and I am able to direct the transport heli by entering as a passenger and talking to the pilot, but cannot call it in remotely or tell it to RTB once I am out.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as where to look in to this odd behaviour?

  2. The only suggestion I have is to start removing mods from the mission until you figure out which one is causing the issue. If that fails or doesn’t suit your time constraints, I guess you could try a new object needed to use support, such as a compass or LaserDesignator and see if it starts working again.

  3. Yeah I'll give that a shot. It's strange though, I can still access the C2ISTAR stuff with the tablet in my inventory, just not the Combat Support stuff.

  4. 7 months ago

    It working on my server with mods and so on. I must have a look at the mission and the server. Do you load the ALiVE Server Mod on Serverstart?

    Which faction you use?



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