Vehicle Respawn

  1. 5 months ago

    Hello, first, I would like to thank the ALiVE team. This mod is awesome.

    I have placed empty aircraft in my mission (on a carrier), the air commander utilizes them, but they don't respawn even though I have them connected to a respawn module. I have other vehicles that do indeed respawn utilizing the respawn module, but I have them synced to the ALiVE virtual AI system (set to virtualize all units except synced units) to prevent the air commander from utilizing them.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. SpyderBlack723

    Feb 6 Moderator

    If they aren't synced to the virtual AI system module then they will be virtualized, which will break the respawn module as virtual vehicles can spawn in and out of the game world frequently.

  3. I believe you need to set Resupply to yes also

  4. I read over the wiki page, thanks. I still have a question in regards to the manually placed air assets, with resupply set to "yes", will they respawn eventually?

    I am trying to control what types of aircraft are available to each air commander and would prefer to place down air assets instead of it being random. This works great initially, but once the jets are downed, I can't seem to figure out how to get them to respawn. It could be that I am not giving the logistics enough time or don't have the settings of the modules correct.

    I will toy around with it and see if it's a setting or me just being impatient. Thanks for the responses.

  5. You are placing empty aircraft with no crew, synced to the Military AI Commander, and you have an available force pool?

  6. I have not tried to actually sync the aircraft to the commanders, I will try that when I get some free time, thank you.

  7. Sorry, typo, I meant the Virtual AI System not commander


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