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  1. 3 years ago
    Thu May 6 01:53:27 2021

    What are the access permissions of the files.

  2. Mon Nov 30 06:28:29 2020
    Y YonV posted in Index for Hellanmaa.

    Have only played the winter version of this map, let me know if you have any issues



  3. 4 years ago
    Fri Jun 5 21:43:49 2020
    Y YonV posted in hebontes index.

    Yes, but probably doesn't need to be in Alive, if someone was going to set up a training map, they would need to put alot of scripts in the mission

  4. Fri Jun 5 13:47:43 2020
    Y YonV posted in hebontes index.

    It's a training map, no other real purpose for it, used it for setting up an ied range, and populating a town with civ's. Then for bad guys to shoot used scripts to add in units post in it

  5. Mon Mar 23 02:30:32 2020
    Y YonV posted in AI not behaving properly.

    Try it without the combat link, there has been a lot of updates to lambs

  6. Mon Jan 20 06:41:32 2020

    acre2 crashing a server, this is the first time i have heard of that issue,

    If you use 3den Enhanced you can pre program the radios for tfar, so no one has to deal with it in missions.

  7. Sun Jan 19 20:16:51 2020

    if the crash happens when a player joins, you might want to look at that player logs also.

  8. Fri Jan 17 20:46:46 2020

    Most of the errors seem to be acre, but the crash is memory related and i have not seen a memory issue from acre before.

    So the last four ideas I have,

    Do you have the alive pathfinding enabled for the ai?

    -MaxMem=16384 check with your server host to make sure you have access to that much memory

    Try a different memory a locator , something like " -malloc=tbb4malloc_bi_x64 -hugepages "in your startup

    And this is the one that's sucks, it's one of your mods, so group your mods in to must have, want to have, and nice to have, and start with just the must's

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