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  1. 15 hours ago
    Wed Jul 18 05:00:26 2018
    Y YonV posted in the latest .

    Ok found it, I'm too tired to figure out if it has a relationship to the newest version, but the issue did begain after the restart to upgrade alive,

    But it seems Spyder Add-ons, Ambiance mod had spawned a herd of goats, 2000 strong. I was left with no choice but to call in CAS and arty it was a close battle, I gave it all I could, but I'm sad to say the goats won.

    I disabled the ambiance , and the server is back up to 40CPS and 40 FSP, objects are back to around 600

  2. 16 hours ago
    Wed Jul 18 03:40:23 2018
    Y YonV posted in the latest .

    I have a large Server, ARMA using everything it can, but both CPU and memory are under 15% utilized, so we just try to see how big of a battle we can have on it.

    Everything, AI, tents, supply crates,

    My server can handle 4000, but the count always goes up, 5000 you start to see lag

  3. 19 hours ago
    Wed Jul 18 00:36:26 2018
    Y YonV posted in the latest .

    armaremoteadmin the metrics in there is where I am getting the numbers.

    I'm at a loss to the 4500 number, ever thing in the mission doesn't come to that, it's normally the total of of AI an ever thing I have placed.

    When I do get in, can hardly move, but when I make active units, all of them are active, normally I will only see the profiles that are not virtualized near me,

    I have double checked all the settings, removed a few things,

    Now I'm at 2500 objects, CPS is up to 20, and FPS, is still in the mid 20's

    Fun side note enabling the same mission with a single HC, takes the CPS to 1, and FPS to 10, (normally run with no HC's they seem to make things worse)

  4. 21 hours ago
    Tue Jul 17 23:02:30 2018
    Y YonV started the conversation the latest .

    it seems in on my server nothing is virtualized, my CPS with this version dropped from 40 to 4, and my object count jumped from 700 to 4500, and the FPS dropped by 20 to 24

    This mission before the upgrade, had CPS=35-40, FPS around 48, and only about 700 objects

  5. 2 days ago
    Mon Jul 16 07:05:06 2018

    Can you share the server log?

  6. Mon Jul 16 07:02:02 2018
    Y YonV posted in Alive servers?.

    Drop me a message on here

  7. Sun Jul 15 21:48:56 2018
    Y YonV posted in So have an idea.

    O and for AWS, if you're looking to have the server run 24/7 7 days a week, AWS is not the most cost effective, but we use it for a training server and testing server, and only turn it on when it's needed, which gives up a nice powerful server at little cost for the few hours we use it

  8. 4 days ago
    Fri Jul 13 20:59:36 2018

    Dynamic Simulation, this issue only occurred if a unit or object was near the CAS's spawn.

    It falls into the ARMA strange category, had no need to thoses objects to have Dynamic Simulation enabled, so it was a quick fix, but tested it on a few missions same results.

    Windows 2016 server
    64 bit
    3 headless clients managed by alive

  9. Fri Jul 13 20:55:08 2018
    Y YonV posted in So have an idea.

    I tend to only work large scale :)

  10. 5 days ago
    Thu Jul 12 23:28:49 2018

    It also applies to objects you place on the map, I have used is I set up an elaborate base just to visualize after the squad heads out

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