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  1. 16 hours ago
    Mon Jan 20 06:41:32 2020

    acre2 crashing a server, this is the first time i have heard of that issue,

    If you use 3den Enhanced you can pre program the radios for tfar, so no one has to deal with it in missions.

  2. yesterday
    Sun Jan 19 20:16:51 2020

    if the crash happens when a player joins, you might want to look at that player logs also.

  3. 3 days ago
    Fri Jan 17 20:46:46 2020

    Most of the errors seem to be acre, but the crash is memory related and i have not seen a memory issue from acre before.

    So the last four ideas I have,

    Do you have the alive pathfinding enabled for the ai?

    -MaxMem=16384 check with your server host to make sure you have access to that much memory

    Try a different memory a locator , something like " -malloc=tbb4malloc_bi_x64 -hugepages "in your startup

    And this is the one that's sucks, it's one of your mods, so group your mods in to must have, want to have, and nice to have, and start with just the must's

  4. Fri Jan 17 17:19:30 2020

    Can you post the logs?

  5. Fri Jan 17 03:20:32 2020

    Nothing jumps out, but
    @BlastStandalone; is this blastcore,

    @aliveserver; should be loaded as a server mod,

    And a few mods are not compatible with the new release of ace, @ACEAdvCPR, @ACESplint; and if @kat is kept medical its also not compatible

    And personally I have had lag and memory leak issues when running the vcomai,

  6. 6 days ago
    Tue Jan 14 10:20:02 2020

    What does your startup command look like?

  7. 6 weeks ago
    Thu Dec 5 17:43:02 2019
    Y YonV posted in "Unsuccessful Search" .rpt.

    Can you post the log file?

  8. 7 weeks ago
    Thu Nov 28 20:11:11 2019

    Have you asked the host if they support alive? Or do they just give you the server and it's up to you to configure ?

    And have you checked to see if Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistributable is installed

  9. 2 months ago
    Thu Oct 31 06:56:16 2019
    Y YonV posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    I have been running a combination of

    Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX )

    And LAMBs

  10. Wed Oct 30 22:14:24 2019
    Y YonV posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    VCOM has been a resource hog for a bit now,

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