"Undefined base class: Eventhandlers"

  1. 2 months ago

    Hey Guys,

    I just built a group of units in the Orbat Creator, copied the code into the autogen.hpp and the CfgPatches.hpp. The first time I did this, it worked out, but now, the second time I am doing it I get this error when initializing this modification in Arma 3 Launcher:

    "File test\autogen.hpp line 586: /CfGVehicles/O_USA_Schuetze_Tropen_01.EventHandlers: Undefined base class 'Eventhandlers'".

    What's up with this and how can I fix that? If somehow possible and necessary I'd copy the whole code in here. Hopefully you can help me.


  2. SavageCDN

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  3. After reading my post twice I should also mention:

    "O_USA_Schuetze_Tropen_01" is a unit of the faction, I created. And with "... built a group of units..." I meant creating a faction with units and vehicles in it.

  4. the second time I am doing it

    What do you mean by this line? Did you create a new faction, or just modify the existing one?

  5. The first time I was just trying, if this whole thing works when I am doing it. So I created a faction with 1 unit from the RHS modification in it, saved everything in the files, loaded this mod to my arma 3, started it and: "Wow it works, I got an OPFOR faction with 1 soldier I put in before, let's do this!"

    So I went back, deleted that mod and created a whole new faction. After that I put in about 15 to 20 infantry units, several vehicles and helicopters. Everything from the rhs mod. After that I went into the group-editor from Orbat and created some infantry and mechanized infantry groups for the faction. When I was done, I copied "full faction" to the autogen.hpp and the "cfgpatchs" to my CfgPatches.hpp - Packed it like before to a .pbo file, put it in as modification in my arma 3 launcher, started and as soon as he is finished with "loading addons" he starts to "initializing addons" and this error pops out.

  6. It's slightly cumbersome but using an existing RHS faction as the base for your new faction - just modify it to fit your goal. Try exporting that and see if it still errors.


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