Virtual Artillery....lets converse

  1. 4 years ago

    Hello all,

    I thoroughly enjoy this mod and have found it extremely enjoyable and varied which makes no two mission the same. In my quest to achieve a Combined Arms battlefield experience, I had a question regarding virtual ai artillery.

    I have placed down static AI controlled artillery pieces on the map, (behind the front as they would be, but too far to be spawned in and thus are virtualised). I am also utilising VCOM ai, my question is will virtual AI artillery be able to fire at "real" targets ?

    So before anyone points out that this topic has been covered (somewhat) by a previous thread from 2016, I'm asking the question in 2019 to ascertain if any progress has been made on this issue.

    Many Thanks for your help

  2. Friznit

    23 Feb 2019 Administrator

    Nope, still on the (long) wish list to develop One Day™

  3. Well, although thats disappointing, I do appreciate you taking the time to reply,

    Ill keep my fingers crossed that this issue will be solved one day :D


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