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  1. 9 months ago

    Hey guys so I'm trying to make a new faction and I cant get it to show up in the editor. This is the config that i think is correct but I'm not sure.

  2. When you make a faction do you need to click the faction (file) option?

  3. Tupolov

    10 May 2019 Administrator

    You've only generated the CfgGroups in that autogen... You need to export the entire faction

  4. It gave me a folder in my arma3 directory. Can you guys make a template and all the mission makers can just plug in the "Groups" "Units" exc. Because i have like CfgFactionClasses - CfgGroups - Script_Componets and im not sure the correct way to link everythign together becasue when i pack the PBO the faction wont show up in my OPF tab but its showing up in the config viewer. Also alive wont see the faction it jsut puts the red dots on the map showing spawn locations and no units.

  5. Hey another thing for maps that dont have a lot of spawn points is there a way to put down the "Red Dots" on our end an manually click each spawn point? I know it would be a pain but you could make the units spawn where you want. Just an idea tho.

  6. If the map is indexed, which I’m assuming it is if you’re already using ALiVE on it, custom objective modules basically do this already. Place them where you want objectives, or objectives+group spawns (this is able to be set in the module by choosing to spawn groups or not).

  7. Yeah thats true but ym main concern is the ORBAT :( i need to make a faction lol

  8. I can’t help you there I’m not an expert on the tool. Though I will say if a template was doable where you could just fill in the blanks with class and faction names easily, Spyder probably wouldn’t have built ORBAT to generate the configs.

  9. no i mean when you have all the files when you download the whole faction it shows you how to format them. when i try to pack them up the faction shows up but theres no names to Inf/Heli/Planes exc. and when i go back to ORBAT all the units are gone from my faction and only the group names stay.

  10. Edited 9 months ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    Last time I tried ORBAT you really wanted to get the whole thing done in one shot, and not try to load it in ORBAT again.

    What I would do is make the faction from scratch, then post the file here so someone can take a look if it’s still not working.

  11. ok i will tomorrow and ill see if someone can help me get it running thanks bro!


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