Vehicle damage persistance (SOLVED)

  1. 4 years ago
    Edited 4 years ago by Duke_161

    Hi Guys,

    Been using alive for a while, so pretty confident of the set-up, etc.

    Have a persistent campaign set-up and persistence is all working as intended, a part from storing vehicle damage. Its saving position, fuel and ammo, but not damage status.

    Have only an opfor OPCOM, no blufor opcom. Not using player combat log or support.

    Any ideas? I'm I missing something ?

  2. Vehicle damage is persisted through save/load but it's a less precise form of damage (number 0-1 instead of specific parts). So if a vehicle is missing a wheel, it will likely get that wheel back. But if a vehicle sustains heavy body damage, it will load with that damage still present.

  3. Thanks @SpyderBlack723 yeah just tested that this evening and it's exactly as you state. When testing previously I only damaged wheels, etc. thanks for your help.


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