Custom Multispawn insertion Helicopter ?

  1. 6 months ago

    Is it possible to set the helicopter for the multispawn insertion?

  2. This might help - have you seen this?

  3. Thank you, but, I have it working I just do not want a ghosthawk as the insertion vehicle

  4. Have you tried actually placing the Chopper that you want to use in the game and then sync it to the Respawn Module? Not sure if this will work.

  5. still get a ghosthawk

  6. ok has to be the same faction , not side

  7. Did it work?

  8. when it the same faction yes

  9. 3 months ago

    @YonV mate, I believe that the last part of the name that you give on the marker, will set the chopper automatically as it is from the FACTION that the chopper is taken from! Did you tried it out? (I haven't, it is just a speculation!)

  10. Edited 3 months ago by YonV

    Yes, it does work as long as the helo is the same faction, so just had to add the helo I wanted to the same faction using the orbit tool

  11. Alright then... Problem [SOLVED] :D


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