AI no longer spawns.

  1. 11 months ago

    The ALiVE mod is going to drive me insane, why does it work and not work in the same time.
    I tried to have BLU_F spawn all over the map and now for some reason they refuse to spawn in, I even used debug and see their group icons.

    Alive, Data, Virtual Ai no longer wants to spawn even though it has worked before.
    They don’t seem to spawn in regardless of distance.
    Most options are in default.

  2. How is your mission setup?

    You should have a military/civilian placement module, linked to a military ai commander, both with the same faction selected.

    Also double check that the placement module isn't set to "objectives only".

  3. I'v had a similar issue, but it was after days of a persistent server, it seemed to us that one side had won, and the other had given up. Restarting the mission without a save, tended to fix the issue.


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