Roadblock Headaches

  1. 11 months ago

    Hey gents,

    Lately I've been having issues with roadblocks not having the "hold space to remove" functionality. I've also noticed that this usually happens whenever the roadblock takes damage.

    What I'm wondering is, could it be, that the explosive that is set as the *trigger* to prompt the player to disable the roadblock, is disabled due to explosives hitting the roadblock?

    In Zeus I have noticed that the c4 block is usually black on roadblocks we cannot clear...and yellow(empty) on roadblocks we can.

    Is it possible to set the roadblocks to enabledamage=false as I think that may be the issue...or am I wholly overthinking this?


  2. @UncreatedLemon91 I have the same issue with all my roadblocks! And actually I didn't even know that it was possible to remove them before I read this post! :/


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