No logistics insertion point?

  1. 10 months ago

    Hello all. OPCOM doesn't have any placements except a custom set to 9999 priority, it does have 1 infantry allowed to place as well as a group virtualized so it can assign groups to the objective. Funnily enough in single player it works, but when put on a dedicated server it's a no go. I've also deleted and replaced all of the modules and made sure they're synced properly. Map is Chernarus Summer using CUP and I'm using the Krasnostav AF for my ATO and base. What's going on here? I have a feeling Chernarus Summer isn't indexed properly.

  2. bump? Still a persistent problem.

  3. 7 months ago

    Not working for me either.

    The helos spawn, they are all over the horizon, but they never Land and disembark their groups

  4. I've had this problem persist over multiple maps trying to using the Custom Objectives logistics insertion method. If you wish to get logistics working you're better off just setting Mil Logistics to Dynamic and letting it choose a random insertion point among the map. Issue with that is that if the map is densely populated with enemy profiles the helos are prone to getting shot down on the way to the LZ. You could prevent this with a centralized logistics spawn point; the idea being everything on the way to the player is friendly or non-enemy. But of course it would be nice if they could just be invincible. However, this being all said, even when Mil Logistics is set to dynamic I still have issues with logistics units spawning. "No logistics insertion point available" (when there's objectives in reserve) or the message there's no units in the forcepool (when the forcepool is set to Infinite).


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