How To Disable Helos in Mil Logistics?

  1. 7 months ago
    Edited 7 months ago by DrDetroit


    I'm working on a WW2 Alive campaign using IFA3 LITE mode. Campaign is working well, however, I'm seeing troops being reinforced via helicopter transports. I have the logistics module and player logistics module helo set to off, yet there they are!

    I'd like to only have sides reinforced via on foot or ground transports (I think air, land and sea are the three BCR actions with the logistics module).

    Far as I can tell, I'll have to remove the Mil Logistics module, in which case there will be no reinforcements unless I call them in.

    Thanks and good day!

  2. Edited 7 months ago by DrDetroit

    I solved the issue. I had selected 'faction and side' and seems it should have been 'faction only'. Now I see airdrops and truck transports.

    Merry Christmas!


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