Moving front line

  1. 4 weeks ago

    Hey all I have an idea for a mission involving one force trying to push through objectives (maybe a valley) which is being heavily defended by OPFOR. Our mission as players would be to support the effort of the attackers to clear the valley through air support, artillery bombardment and generally being badass from afar.

    I'd just like a bit of advice as this is what i have so far.

    OPFOR Commander linked to 6 custom objectives with priority going from 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100. all with about 5 opfor groups in. all are linkedin to both opfor and blufor and blufor are based nearest the 600 (front line)

    I'm hoping by doing this that my opfor will defend an objective then fall back to the last one when its lost and blufor will move to capture each of them in order of priority. Is this the case?

    Ideally I'd like the opcom to be asymetric as i love the way they behave by ambushing and using ieds which the occupation or invasion don't seem to, unless i missed something


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