Unfamiliar Logistics Request Error

  1. 3 years ago
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    Hello and good day,

    I'm running into a logistics error when requesting troop reinforcement, using RHS and CUP on Lythium, using RHS marines and cup/rhs vehicle assets in the campaign. This error just popped up and no mods added other than the ones I selected for this campaign prior to building it.

    The error is one I've never seen before; 'no military supply chain found in your faction'. WTF is this?!

    I tired whitelisting the RHS, then CUP, then both in the Player Logistics Module, but no luck. Then I removed any whitelisting as Alive should default to the players faction, but no luck with this either.

    Anybody familiar with this? I know my way around Alive and the editor, this one has me stumped.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Figured it out - the player faction was different from the military AI faction. I was using woodland marines, and military ai commander has desert marines.

    Funny thing is I did a google search, and the first result was a thread I had answered this very question a few years ago for someone.

  3. @DrDetroit mate, do the RHS USMC logistics works fine? Cause I had a problem with RHS US Army... Cheers mate.

  4. @arismagic I didn't notice anything wrong with logistics, but I suspect RHS may be randomly crashing the above scenario I created with Alive, ACE. and CUP.

    To be precise, I believe it to be all the ACE/RHS compatibility mods....or could be CUP and RHS combined - who knows? I remade it with just CUP and no crashes.

  5. @DrDetroit alright mate. Cheers. Right now I am just checking the RHS USMC cause I really do NOT like CUP factions. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again mate...

  6. @arismagic agreed, the RHS factions are really nice.

    Although I noticed w RHS that some of the weapon models aren't done. The two I noticed right away were the Beretta M9 and the M19 grenade launcher.

    The barrels are plugged and models don't look quite right, or finished, with those two.

  7. @DrDetroit didn't notice anything but didn't looked for these kind of details though. But still I definitely prefer RHS factions over CUP. Although I have to admit that Community Factions Project is an AMAZING mod with some really nice factions. My main reason to choose RHS over CUP is that CUP's models look really... Low textrure quality? Not so good? Old? Unfinished some times? I believe that the whole texturing in RHS is by far superior to CUP and this is mostly the reason that I choose RHS over CUP. But for now by my initial tests on Local Host seems that RHS USMC faction works pretty fine with logistics. In case I encounter any kind of problem, I will post it here! Cheers mate

  8. Naaaahh... RHS USMC faction has the same problem... At least for me! I will try some CUP factions to check if is something else from my side!

  9. @arismagic is your logistics just giving you an error message when you send the request via command tablet, or just nothing happens when you request troops?

  10. 2 years ago

    @DrDetroit damn mate. I just saw that! I am really sorry for the extreme delay but I was deployed! No mate, my only problem was that the reinforcements never came!

    Again mate, I am extremely sorry for the delay and thank you for taking the time to read my post!


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