FIXED: Plane and UAV Spawn Radius Issue

  1. 3 years ago

    There appears to be an issue with the spawn radius settings for player controlled planes and UAVs. Currently, entering a plane will virtualise all units regardless of spawn radius settings (excluding civilians and compositions).

    However, connecting to a drone will cause units to appear "normally" (it's unclear which spawn radius is being used at this point, presumably the UAV's though). You can disconnect and reconnect to a drone while seated in an aircraft, causing nearby units to despawn and spawn accordingly.

    Helicopters appear unaffected by this.

  2. This is fixed for next release but in the meantime you can put this in the debug console or in your init.sqf:

    ALIVE_spawnRadiusJet = 3000;
  3. Excellent. Thank you, sir.


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