C2ISTAR players unable to set tasks when playing multiplayer alone

  1. last year

    I noticed that on our dedicated server, when a player joins in the server by himself (no other players in the server) he/she is unable to generate tasks for themselves using the command tablet. Is this a known bug/feature? I looked around the forums and internet a bit to see if I could find if anyone else has posted about this, but I haven't seen anything. If this is a known issue, please post a link.

  2. Hmm....@HeroesandvillainsOS have you experienced this issue?

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    I'm a loser and always play alone, and therefore am always the server host/admin. So no I haven't seen it but I haven't tested it.

    I believe @AUTigerGrad allows tasks to be requested via the tablet on his 24 hr server. Have you had any of your guys mention this (or can you have one of them look the next time the log on)?

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    Wait a second...

    Even the host/admin can't request tasks when logging in alone? That can't be right.

    You mean other players that aren't the admin, correct?

  5. as far as i know, its anyone that is alone on our dedicated server. We've been having some issues with it not giving tasks to anyone. When we go to make a task, it doesn't show anyone to assign it to.

  6. @Krunch I having the same issues, not all task are applied to the players as one group


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