ALIVE not caching/removing compositions?

  1. 3 years ago

    I have a bit of a problem and I've tried searching around but can't seem to find anything on it. Does Alive have a system to cache/cleanup objects/compositions, or do I need a third party addon for this? I am currently testing a mission and I noticed after restarting and coming back in after server saving, the server FPS was abnormally low(<20 FPS). I opened zeus and added all scenario objects to be editable, and I saw this:

    It seems as though every single composition known to Alive, or insurgent installation such as IED factories, is being simulated on the map. I can't imagine this is intended behavior by Alive so I was wondering how this is normally dealt with. I am using a Headless Client and am on a dedicated server btw. Basically there are hundreds of objects from roadblocks, bases, etc clogging up the server and it doesn't go away with garbage collection.

    Just wondering if this is something I screwed up on making the mission, or a bug, or if I am supposed to using another form of object caching or dynamic simulation or something. I always imagined this stuff would be cached in the Virtual AI System but maybe it doesn't cover compositions? Or maybe having zeus enabled causes this? I may have added these objects to the zeus editor accidentally while testing and then maybe if flags them as not to be removed by Alive? Although if that was the case there are objects on the map that I have never been within 1000m(loading distance) of.

    Apologies if I missed something simple or if there is a topic covering this already, I really tried to solve this on my own and would just like to know where I should be looking for the problem. Only other mods on the server are Aegis, LAMBS ai mods, Zeus enhanced, ACE,ACEX, Spyder Addons, and I am using Virtual AI System for the Headless Client transfers.

  2. @Ivorystate Try disabling the setting in Alive module for persistent roadblocks, outposts. I think it's in the data module.

    Good day!

  3. 2 years ago

    There is a bug that prevents some composition objects from being removed when the composition is deleted. We've logged a bug to look at this.

    I always imagined this stuff would be cached in the Virtual AI System but maybe it doesn't cover compositions?

    This is correct. I'd like to change this, but it would take a considerable amount of time to do this and verify it doesn't cause any issues.


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