How spawning/recruitment works?

  1. 3 years ago
    Edited 3 years ago by Transflux

    So im trying to decide on factions to use in my mission Im designing but after looking in Orbat some and reading tooltips and the wiki im a bit confused about how ALiVE handles what units/vehicles it uses when it is generating them from the military AI module.

    By the way things are worded in the mod and on the wiki it sounds like its by the factions groups. But looking at mods like the Community Faction Pack and many CUP factions they have very few groups, many having none when they have multiple units for that category to choose from.

    So now im wondering if the AI knows what the individual units are classified as and creates its own groups or of it will only spawn groups that are predefined by the factions config (vanilla has several for almost all of its categories)?

  2. You can generate this on your own with orbat.


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