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    Fri Apr 6 19:35:11 2018
    [ [7K]Ghost posted in Warroom Mission Replay is empty.

    @Tupolov thanks for fixing, donated to you

  2. Mon Apr 2 09:04:34 2018
    [ [7K]Ghost started the conversation Warroom Mission Replay is empty.

    Hey guys,

    i have a problem with the warroom Mission replay. It seems to be empty, means i cant see any activity on it exclude the time and the message box (for things like player connected) in the right corner in the top.

  3. 3 years ago
    Thu Nov 26 02:33:56 2015

    i thought you will write this, maybe if you ask for objects with a stance?
    like if "soldier one" is stance "prone" then record shot ?

  4. Thu Nov 26 02:18:38 2015
    [ [7K]Ghost started the conversation [Bug] No Recording with ACE (Fixed in Dev).

    When ACE Advance Medical Moducal is activ , no ai kills will been recorded in the war room.

  5. Thu Nov 26 02:15:30 2015
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