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    Sat Nov 14 21:37:21 2020
    [ [7K]Ghost posted in VBIEDs always explode.

    http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/IED There are some informations, the thing is the rego is a closed repo. So no one can really support the alivesystem. Sad Admin Noises :( .

    But there are some usefull hints.

    By default, only Explosive Specialists or players carrying Mine Detectors can detect and/or disarm IEDs.
    Any unit with the text EOD in its name can also detect or disarm IEDs
    IEDs can often be destroyed with controlled explosions or by using large caliber weapons.
    Use the Action Menu to Disarm an IED once you are close enough, only recommended for those that can detect IEDs.
    If synced to an Asymmetric Warfare OPCOM, the IED Threat module parameter is ignored.
    3RD PARTY IED SYSTEM - "The 3rd-party checkbox is just a placeholder for now. Normal ALiVE IEDs are configured to be detectable with a ACE minedetector, but disarming them is still just a normal interaction. Nothing is tied to ACE Explosives, yet."

  2. Wed Oct 28 18:45:35 2020
    [ [7K]Ghost posted in Chernarus 2020 CIVs.

    i guess you may should check the console output of the server

  3. Mon Oct 26 18:05:20 2020
    [ [7K]Ghost posted in How spawning/recruitment works?.

    You can generate this on your own with orbat. http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/ORBAT_Tool

  4. Mon Oct 26 18:03:39 2020

    i guess this is server side and you can't do anything about this. Have you checked this at other profiles?

  5. Mon Oct 26 16:20:34 2020

    [root@vmd62271 @AliveServer]# sudo ldd ALiVEPlugIn.so
    ldd: warning: you do not have execution permission for `./ALiVEPlugIn.so'
    linux-gate.so.1 (0xf7f03000)
    libcurl.so.4 => not found
    libm.so.6 => /lib/libm.so.6 (0xf7c3b000)
    libc.so.6 => /lib/libc.so.6 (0xf7a94000)
    /lib/ld-linux.so.2 (0xf7f05000)

  6. Mon Oct 26 16:06:18 2020
    [ [7K]Ghost started the conversation CentOs8 There is a Problem with the Alive Plugin.

    I am unable to get the Alive Plugin running propperly. The System is a CentOs8 and the alive.cfg is installed in the base folder of arma3, aliveserver and alive + alive/addons

    I tried it with only lower case, i tried it with case sensitive. Nothing seems to work. The Error is: 16:58:36 ALiVE Global INIT 16:58:36 ALiVE Global Init Timer Started 16:58:36 ALiVE [m_0|30] Module ALiVE_sys_data INIT Call extension 'ALiVEPlugIn' could not be loaded 16:58:36 "THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE ALIVE PLUGIN!" 16:58:36 ALIVE_SYS_DATA START PLUGIN: SYS_DATA_ERROR Call extension 'ALiVEPlugIn' could not be loaded 16:58:36 "THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE ALIVE PLUGIN!" Call extension 'ALiVEPlugIn' could not be loaded 16:58:36 "THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE ALIVE PLUGIN!" 16:58:36 DATA: Attempting to load ALiVE web services config. Call extension 'ALiVEPlugIn' could not be loaded 16:58:36 "THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE ALIVE PLUGIN!" 16:58:36 ALiVE-0 CANNOT CONNECT TO CLOUD SERVICE, DISABLING WEB SERVICES 16:58:36 ALiVE-0 EXITING DATA INIT AS CANNOT CONNECT TO COUCHDB 16:58:36 DATA: Waiting for global DISABLED variable... 16:58:36 DATA: SYS DATA enabled: false 16:58:36 ALiVE [m_0|30] Module ALiVE_sys_data INIT COMPLETE TIME: 0.00302124 16:58:36 ALiVE SYS DATA - Only one init process per instance allowed! Exiting...

    Serverlog: https://1drv.ms/u/s!An38OVIiD8ijt9JUGfvYEnPfIOc5bw?e=BByc1o

  7. 6 years ago
    Fri Apr 6 19:35:11 2018
    [ [7K]Ghost posted in Warroom Mission Replay is empty.

    @Tupolov thanks for fixing, donated to you

  8. Mon Apr 2 09:04:34 2018
    [ [7K]Ghost started the conversation Warroom Mission Replay is empty.

    Hey guys,

    i have a problem with the warroom Mission replay. It seems to be empty, means i cant see any activity on it exclude the time and the message box (for things like player connected) in the right corner in the top.

  9. 8 years ago
    Thu Nov 26 02:33:56 2015

    i thought you will write this, maybe if you ask for objects with a stance?
    like if "soldier one" is stance "prone" then record shot ?

  10. Thu Nov 26 02:18:38 2015
    [ [7K]Ghost started the conversation [Bug] No Recording with ACE (Fixed in Dev).

    When ACE Advance Medical Moducal is activ , no ai kills will been recorded in the war room.

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