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ALiVE Order of Battle Creator is an in game tool that enables users to change the loadout of individual units, create and edit group configurations or build entirely new factions from scratch without having to learn the complexities of ArmA config editing.

Design concept wireframe

Getting Started

  1. Read and Understand the Key Concepts and important points about the ORBAT tool before continuing.
  2. As a minimum you need to start the ArmA3 with @ALiVE and @CBA.
  3. Open the editor on any map and place a playable unit and the ALiVE ORBAT Creator module.
  4. Preview the game and the tool will start automatically.
  5. The ORBAT Creator will detect any unit mods loaded.
  6. If you close the tool by pressing the escape key, you can reopen the interface via the ALiVE interaction menu by selecting “ORBAT Creator”.

Using the ORBAT Creator

The interface has 4 main elements accessed via the buttons in the top right. Each editor can be used standalone or altogether to create an entirely unique faction with different units and groups.

  • Faction Editor is for creating new factions and checking that all the faction’s groups are compatible with ALiVE.
  • Unit Editor is used for creating new custom units and vehicles and editing their equipment loadout.
  • Group Editor is for creating and editing group compositions.
  • Generate Config does not open a separate screen. It exports the config for the current editor to clipboard. The Generate Faction Config button is special in that it will export a config for the whole Faction, including any custom Groups and Units.

FAQ & How To


Use Case Examples

Advanced Tutorial