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    What is the easiest way to add a headless client to my mission using Alive? I want it so my mission can just get up and running so I am not staring at a loading screen waiting for it to setup Altis. Thanks.

  2. Headless client works with ALiVE like headless client does for everything else. Just add it and configure correctly in your server config file.

    Only CQB Module can utilise headless client.

    It will not improve mission loading speed, but if you are using the CQB Module it will improve the loaded missions performance.

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    Step by step procedure to setup headless client.

    1. Place down the Headless Client unit on the map in the editor. The object is located under "Game Logic" >> "Virtual Entities" >> "Headless Client". Make the unit playable and name the unit HC.


    2. Then you will need to create a bat/cmd file to get a headless client to connect to the server.
    2a. Here is what my HeadlessPrivate.cmd file looks like (located on my desktop on my server)...

    start "Headless" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Server\arma3server.exe" -connect=localhost -port=**** -client -nosound -password=**** -name=HC -profile=HC "-mod=@allinarmaterrainpack;@asdg_jr;@cba_a3;@hlc_ar15;@hlcmods_m14;@hlcmods_core;@rh_pistol_a3;@rhs_afrf3;@rhs_usf3;@sthud_a3;@task_force_radio;@tryk;@k_mnp;@clafghan;@alive;@hlcmods_m60e4;@FHQ_Accessories;@agm;@asr_ai3;@rds;@cup;rds_tank;@cha_mi24;@mec;@rds;@cup;@rds_tank;@cha_mi24;@mb_rocks;@mb_veg_adv;@opx_objects;@razmisc"

    3. In your "server.cfg", scroll down until you see "headlessClients[]={};" and insert your IP address in between the curly brackets in string format like so...


    Note: represents the local host.
    3. Start your server like you normally would.
    4. Now double click your the bat/cmd file that you created for headless client.

    Now everything should work if you did everything right. Log in as admin and you can check to see if your headless client connected to the virtual entity you setup in the editor.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that you might need to add this to your init.sqf to make sure ALiVE is notified which client is the headless client and to use that client as a headless client. Not sure if this was fixed but wouldn't hurt to add. (Source for script )

    if (!hasInterface && !isDedicated) then {
    headlessClients = [];
    headlessClients set [(count headlessClients), player];
    publicVariable "headlessClients";
    isHC = true;

    Also, I have noticed that the variable "headlessClients" is an array. Does this mean that ALiVE supports multiple headless clients?

  4. "CQB yes, Virtual no. At least not yet." - Hazey
    So yes, ALiVE does support multiple headless clients but only the CQB module takes advantage of this, for now.

  5. Awesome..Thanks everyone. I will get this up and running.

  6. I see the headless client say connected in the server console, but in the client it gets stuck and loading profile.

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    I am curious about what, in detail, the HC is doing, and how it is beneficial to "offload" calculations to one that is still located on the same machine. From my understanding, it's like making the game utilize an additional core on my CPU? So if my server (my computer) has a 6 core CPU, would using 6 HC's maximize my performance?

    Would it be beneficial to me at all if my server is just so I can use respawning in single player easier? At most, there'd be maybe 1 other person connected to my server for co-op, but Alive makes the game run a bit slower than usual, especially with the CQB module on maps with lots of buildings, so I was thinking of utilizing the HC to see if it improves anything.

  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/armadev/comments/2wm2xs/roundrobin_load_balancing_of_ai_across_up_to/

  9. instead the load of the AI of the other modules to who goes? the server or client HC

  10. If you mean where do the non-CQB AI get spawned then the answer is server. CQB module also has a client setting which will spawn CQB AI on clients instead.

  11. Will there be any attempt to add full support for HC? Seems like the Placement modules could really benefit from this.

  12. http://dev.withsix.com/issues/74275 - HC for Civ Modules

    http://dev.withsix.com/issues/75866 - HC for Placement Modules

  13. not encouraging :(

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    At this point the goal is getting to 1.0. This means bug fixes and stability improvements. We'll have to wait until post 1.0 to see where these things size up in terms of priority.

    Edit: For anyone reading this after all this time, HH has saved you.. HC support has been integrated into ALiVE as of version 1.0 RC


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