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    Sun Dec 3 12:45:12 2017
    W Watchman started the conversation Unsung insurgents ied.

    Hi been away from Alive for a long time but making a return with Unsung. My group want an insurgent type mission against the VC. Just a quick question is there a quick easy way to make the ai use the era type boobytraps ieds or will they place these automatically rather than the regular ieds?

  2. 2 years ago
    Fri Nov 27 15:27:26 2015
    W Watchman started the conversation RHS issue.

    Just got back into alive and having issues with RHS. Got all the latest versions of Alive and RHS installed but when ever I try to place the US army desert it's not recognised by the AI commander and the US army marines desert spawn as CSAT.

    Using rhs_faction_usmc_d and rhs_faction_usarmy_d and not leaving any spaces before or after which is the usual culprit.

    Has anything changed in the last couple of months?

  3. 3 years ago
    Tue Aug 25 21:44:11 2015
    W Watchman posted in Cant spawn correct faction.

    Not a thing. Only error I was getting was alive not recognising the blufor faction.

  4. Tue Aug 25 18:03:15 2015
    W Watchman posted in Cant spawn correct faction.

    Tested with vanilla civs and a few spawned along with vehicle. Changed to massi African civilians and nothing spawned.

    Have now tried vanilla civ leights opfor African civilians massi African civs with no luck. Have deleted and replaced both modules and tried with Taor and without.

  5. Mon Aug 24 19:22:34 2015
    W Watchman posted in Cant spawn correct faction.

    Anyone having issues getting civs to spawn on isle Duala even the vanilla Civ_F civilians.

  6. Mon Aug 24 15:29:30 2015
    W Watchman posted in Cant spawn correct faction.

    No spaces but using a different faction now and it's working.

  7. Mon Aug 24 12:22:27 2015
    W Watchman started the conversation Cant spawn correct faction.

    Wonder if anyone has been getting this. Just tried to create a mission on isle duala and while the Molatian army spawns fine with MOL_army. If I try to get the Afrenian army to spawn using AFR_army it gives me a warning.

    There are are no groups for OPCOM faction(s) ["AFR_army"]! Please check if you chose the correct faction, and that the faction has groups defined in the ArmA 3 default categories infantry, motorized, mechanized, armored, air, sea!

    It will then spawn CSAT units instead.

    This has happened before when I have been mission creating with RHS
    US Army (Desert): rhs_faction_usarmy_d Same result
    US Army (Woodland): rhs_faction_usarmy_wd Works fine.

  8. Mon Aug 24 11:44:54 2015
    W Watchman posted in Iraqi Syrian Conflict mod pack.

    Seems to be working ok for me not seen any issues yet with latest release.

  9. Sat Apr 25 16:17:54 2015

    I'm sure there is an option in the CQB module that makes it that they will only spawn in the areas they control not all over the map.

  10. Thu Apr 23 16:47:49 2015

    Cheers for the news on the update on IED's. Running another test now on Stratis vanilla and plenty of civs spawning now.

    Just a thought but it's been at least a week of gaming and testing for us since we saw an ied or ied factory. Could it be the patch on the 17th broke something.

    If I'm wrong in the last statement then I apologise before hand.

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