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    Thu Jun 27 13:24:46 2019
    K KRDucky posted in TvTvT Assymetric competitive?.

    @Pyth3rEx I'm really confused on what you are asking

    Im asking about mission suggestions for a PvPvE with good repeatability. Like having an Asymmetric AI enemy. Perhaps like having the AI in the middle of the map splitting 2 factions. like a PvPvE Insurgency where the faction that clears the most territory (both AI and player enemies) wins. The AI faction is in the center of the map. You have to clear the AI enemy as well as keep the other faction away from your cleared areas. If the enemy faction enters and clears your previously cleared area, it changes to "not cleared". That sort of thing.

  2. Mon Jun 24 20:48:45 2019
    K KRDucky started the conversation TvTvT Assymetric competitive?.


    I am looking into creating a mission for Hostile Takeover to run alongside their King of the Hill mission. Something that is either 2 or 3 factions along with an Assymetric AI that is hostile to all. Perhaps something like insurgency with a win/loss scenario for whichever faction clears the most territory (AI and Enemy faction)? Any suggestions for a good competitive mission?

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    Sun Sep 10 14:32:10 2017
    K KRDucky posted in Cherno not indexed?.

    Yes I am.

  4. Sat Sep 9 01:07:40 2017
    K KRDucky started the conversation Cherno not indexed?.

    1:05:21 ALiVE SETTING UP MAP: Chernarus
    1:05:21 ALiVE SETTING UP MAP: chernarus

  5. Sat Sep 9 00:54:04 2017
    K KRDucky posted in Task completion rewards?.

    how would I tell ALiVE logistics to deliver supplies or vehicles to the location of the task? Especially via paradrop.

  6. Mon Sep 4 19:46:50 2017
    K KRDucky started the conversation Task completion rewards?.

    Can I place the C2ISTAR and have it autogenerate tasks for the AI faction and player faction. Then when players complete a task, supplies or equipment would be dropped? I dont want to spawn AI for the player faction. I just want them to be rewarded with something other than Logistics points.

  7. Fri Sep 1 23:47:44 2017
    K KRDucky posted in Streamline and adjust request.

    hmm. ok.

    Can I use the Nimitz with the MACC? Will it still work? Especially if I place planes in the hangar?

  8. Fri Sep 1 00:05:19 2017
    K KRDucky posted in Streamline and adjust request.

    can I place objectives outside the TAOR to give the AI Commander an objective to travel to outside the TAOR?
    I shrank the TAOR to the northern half of the map starting at Novy Sobor. Now though the AI seem very sparse. I did remove the CQB module to reduce the AI amount in towns as players were complaining. I want reduced AI but not sparse. I set the NW AF as the most important Objective (999) so it seems that the AI are choosing not to branch out to other areas of the map. Heck, even the NW AF has so few AI. I set it to not spawn Mechanized or Armor since most players wont have it.

  9. Thu Aug 31 00:00:44 2017
    K KRDucky posted in Streamline and adjust request.


    Thank you so much! I did not realize I only needed 1 Module of each. I thought you had to define objectives you wanted them to focus on.
    Did you adjust the TAOR at all? I was thinking about shrinking it and having a couple objectives placed outside the TAOR for the AI to move towards.

    Also, how do I get the AI faction to be both Army and USMC? Everytime I tried adding both, it errored out.

    And, is it possible to setup random paradrops of supplies by AI? Supplies, vehicles etc.


    the RPT says that Chernarus is not indexed for ALiVE.

  10. Wed Aug 30 17:20:49 2017
    K KRDucky started the conversation Streamline and adjust request.

    I am working on Exile + ACE + ALiVE.

    I need help streamlining the mission, making the AI do what I want while not crushing players spirits, and overall making the experience better.

    I managed to get the OPCOM objectives down to 190-ish. I need the AI to stop spawning all over while still roving about with a predefined HQ. I tried to make the AI use a carrier for an Airbase but I do t think it's working. Also half the planes seem to blow on the deck at mission start.
    Players complain about the AI RPGing them 400m out. Not sure about that one. I had the AI in Occupation mode and then in Invasion. Not seeing the difference.
    Perhaps I need to remove CQB and shrink the TAOR?

    The AI should be a threat but not overbearing. I already have to adjust how many Zed's spawn. I'm trying to keep the AI in check while making the game fun and different. I am including the mission file if anyone wants to help out a bit. The server already takes a good bit of time starting and I'm not sure if it is ALiVE slowing it down.

    Exile Chernarus

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