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How It Works

A Vehicle Borne IED

Based on the original Improvised Explosive Device generator by Tupolov, this module simulates a high threat IED environment. IEDs may be hidden in clutter or half buried in and around roads, vulnerable points and especially in the vicinity of built up areas. Players should exercise extreme caution when moving around towns, villages and settlements. IEDs are typically proximity based "victim operated" devices, although Vehicle-Borne IEDs are also a threat. It's not always obvious that a vehicle is rigged but it's possible to see the physical device on the vehicle if you look closely enough.

Usage: Place one IED module and configure options as desired. Optionally sync it to Military AI Commander in Asymmetric mode. If synced, the module will no longer create random IEDs but instead Insurgents will place IEDs at strategic locations within their TAOR.


TAOR - Restrict IEDs/VB-IEDS to the TAOR marker areas only.

Blacklist - Prevent IEDs/VB-IEDs from being created inside these areas.

IED Threat - The probability that IEDs will exist in a location. Also affects the number of IEDs in a location

IED Detection - The type of notification players receive. Text means any player in the detection area will receive a text hint with distance to IED. Audio - any players with a detector will emit a detection audio sound (metal detector sample) when in range of an IED.

IED Detection Device - The classname of the item that can detect IEDs, by default MineDetector

Suicide Bomber/VBIED Threat - Probability that suicide bombers or VBIEDs will exist in a location. Also effects the amount.

Suicide Bomber/VBIED Classes - Optional manual override to white list specific classnames

Bomber/VB-IED Side - Will only rig vehicles/individuals from the specific side.

Suicide Bomber/VBIED Locations - Specify if they should be limited to area only occupied by the enemy, only unoccupied areas or random (anywhere).

3rd Party IEDs - Select this if you are using ACE IEDs or any other IED mod - assumes the mod is using the Arma 3 "mine" as its base class (see notes below).

Optional IED Classnames - Whitelist the classnames of objects that can be used as IEDs. Make sure you specify the ammo class and not the weapon class.

ACE3 Mod EOD Mod
ACE_IEDLandSmall_Range_Ammo, ACE_IEDUrbanSmall_Range_Ammo, ACE_IEDLandBig_Range_Ammo, ACE_IEDUrbanBig_Range_Ammo EODS_122mm_USSR_IED_PP, EODS_Bullet_Case_Detonator, EODS_FertilizerBag, EODS_Fuelcan_IED, EODS_CocaCan, EODS_Water_Container, EODS_Water_Container_IED, EODS_Water_Container2, EODS_wire_spool, EODS_122mm_USSR_IED, EODS_FertilizerBag2_Pile, EODS_FertilizerBag3_Pile, EODS_FertilizerBag_2And3_Pile, EODS_ied_B_PressurePlate, EODS_Uxo_1


  • By default, only Explosive Specialists or players carrying Mine Detectors can detect and/or disarm IEDs.
  • Any unit with the text EOD in its name can also detect or disarm IEDs
  • IEDs can often be destroyed with controlled explosions or by using large caliber weapons.
  • Use the Action Menu to Disarm an IED once you are close enough, only recommended for those that can detect IEDs.
  • If synced to an Asymmetric Warfare OPCOM, the IED Threat module parameter is ignored.
  • 3RD PARTY IED SYSTEM - "The 3rd-party checkbox is just a placeholder for now. Normal ALiVE IEDs are configured to be detectable with a ACE minedetector, but disarming them is still just a normal interaction. Nothing is tied to ACE Explosives, yet."