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    Wed Mar 8 09:55:30 2017

    Issue resolved with a temp fix.

    Please see new issue - https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/issues/304

  2. Wed Mar 8 01:05:58 2017
    W willithappen posted in New CQB Static Weapons.

    @Friznit Vanilla statics, so MG and mortars.

    Awesome stuff!

  3. Sun Mar 5 22:45:19 2017
    W willithappen posted in New CQB Static Weapons.

    I assume at this stage it grabs Statics from the faction? What prevents it from putting a D30 or other Arty on the roof?

  4. Sun Mar 5 12:32:24 2017
    W willithappen started the conversation [Resolved]ALiVE War-Room not displaying recent data.

    Greetings lads,

    My war-room is once again having troubles streaming data. I've tried back and forth for 2 weeks with varied numbers of players to make sure it's not a one off. I've also confirmed all the right modules have things turned on.

    Linked below is 3 different ALiVE Plugin logs of some sessions. It all appears to show data connecting just fine.

    http://alivemod.com/war-room/showorbat/3692 - Our war-room is found there.


  5. Wed Jan 11 14:01:49 2017

    wow thats incredible to hear, super dedication to your work lads, well done.

  6. Sun Jan 8 07:53:36 2017
    W willithappen posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    Hey Spyder, is this fix included in the released 1.2.7 update?

    Have noticed that it is in the new update. Will let you know how it goes if we have any hiccups. Thanks for the temp fix, heres hoping you can find a more permanent one.

  7. Tue Dec 20 13:10:19 2016
    W willithappen posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    I understand that using these units for players was probably not inside the scope of intended features.


  8. Sat Dec 17 09:18:31 2016
    W willithappen posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    Yo @SpyderBlack723 - Apologies if this is not the best spot to report these issues,

    Currently I'm using the ORBAT Created units as slots for players to reduce time to gear up etc for missions, however, if the player respawns, they do not respawn with the loadouts gear, instead they load with whatever unit they inherit from - for this example, the BLUFOR Rifleman (For the sake of units map icon etc).

    This is because the default BIS unit has cfgRespawnWeapons[]={};

    I'm aware that this is due to the way you create the loadouts with your tool not using the normal config method of Weapons[]={} or Items[]={} etc and instead done by event handlers and a script.

    Hopefully you could find a way to have respawns work with these units, the tool saves an amazing amount of time in creating factions etc and tweaking is just as easy.


  9. Sat Dec 10 17:20:51 2016
    W willithappen posted in Garbage Collector Question.

    Hmm, but what is already included then and what is there to exclude?
    Surely it'd be "Include" due to the way it lists some examples of ammo boxes? I'd assume objects like that wouldn't auto clean.

  10. Fri Dec 9 13:56:35 2016
    W willithappen started the conversation Garbage Collector Question.

    Hi lads, just a bit confused on wording; tooltip says "include" box says "exclude"


    By adding things in here; am I including them to be cleaned or excluding them to be cleaned?

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