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  1. 9 months ago
    Thu Dec 21 23:18:01 2017

    After several trial and error attempts I finally realized that I had the hostname and IP wrong. I got the correct hostname and correct EXTERNAL ip and now it seems to be working fine. Thanks everyone for your help in this!

  2. Thu Dec 21 16:58:19 2017

    I followed Vex's tutorial for a quick and easy alive insurgency mission.
    I was told by my server provider that you could have aliveserver inside another folder besides the root folder many times, we handle mods from a repository for arma3sync. I thought that was wrong but decided to keep trying. I just moved aliveserver inside the root folder and the mission loaded fine, however I'm not seeing it in the war room.

  3. Thu Dec 21 15:16:54 2017

    For the alive and cba only mission I tried using the hurtlocker and tanoa quickstart missions but I didnt touch them. Thinking about it, they might be a bit outdated. I'm going to also look at placing the modules freshly. Thanks for the advice, will update soon!

  4. Thu Dec 21 01:55:45 2017
    V ViktorTW started the conversation Server Crashes With Data Module Placed.

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone else had ever had a problem with the data module causing a server to crash. I've tried loading up my mission and a regular alive mission with just cba, aliveserver, and alive. Looking at the RPT, once alive data starts to initialize it just breaks the server and it dies. I deleted the alive data module from my mission, and it loaded up just fine.
    Thanks for any help in advance!

  5. 2 years ago
    Thu Mar 10 02:26:36 2016
    V ViktorTW started the conversation Creating Insurgency.

    Hello, I've been reading the Insurgency wiki page and have a couple questions.

    1. Are you required to have a Blufor military ai commander? Also should it be invasion or occupation?
    2. If #1 is required, do we then need to place a Blufor mil objectives module?

    I'm looking to start an insurgency mission on Sahrani and so far the wiki page and the forums are very helpful :D

  6. Wed Mar 9 23:23:56 2016
    V ViktorTW posted in Small group play.

    Thanks guys! :)

  7. Wed Mar 9 20:31:19 2016
    V ViktorTW posted in Small group play.

    Regarding OPCOM and objectives, how do you lower the count of them? When I start up Op Landlord It says that "Opcom has too many objectives, lower the amount for better performance, 80 is recommended" I believe that's what it says anyway

  8. Wed Mar 9 17:10:28 2016
    V ViktorTW posted in Dedi Server/ HC (SOLVED).

    Thank you very much, these helped greatly!

  9. Tue Mar 8 23:07:23 2016
    V ViktorTW posted in Dedi Server/ HC (SOLVED).

    Thanks for your reply, also love your mission Operation Landlord!

  10. Tue Mar 8 19:54:43 2016
    V ViktorTW posted in Dedi Server/ HC (SOLVED).

    Hello, I'm looking into buying a dedicated server to host some alive missions with about 4-10 people. I was wondering if someone could suggest a decent provider for arma 3 servers? Also, what are the benefits of having a headless client in an arma 3 server?

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