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    Tue May 17 08:40:48 2016
    Murdock started the conversation Wasteland - Alive.

    Hej there
    I'm trying to put a A3Wasteland and ALiVE Mission together.
    In Wasteland you cannot pussy out during combat, so you cannot abort/log out.
    But with the ALiVE Module active, that is possible. Can I somehow deactivate the ALiVE Save Window and features?

  2. Fri Apr 29 09:36:23 2016

    I did put those files in my Mission, had to rearrange some lines due to function.hpp and some double defining. No big deal.
    But if I destroy the whole house with IED tables and ammo boxes and stuff, I don't get any message and it doesn't go boom in a big way.
    I put in my assymetric force class (Faction of CAF Aggressors) since I linked my IED Module to it's commander.
    But I don't get any message when destroying the IED Factory (or the weapon thingy).
    Do I have to put in the Name of the assymetric force or the Faction I put in the IED module? I put the civilian faction in there, for the vehicle-bombs and stuff.
    I know I could just try it, but I am not at home right now and won't be able to test it the following days, so I figured it would be faster to just ask.

  3. Thu Apr 28 21:27:17 2016
    Murdock posted in Persistance and Restarts.

    I do need a Warroom configuration for saving the objects throughout a restart?
    No, I did not know that.
    SInce my server is for now just on a virtual server and as far as I understood it, warroom is not supporting virtual servers, I won't be able to make them persistant, right?

  4. Thu Apr 28 20:28:39 2016
    Murdock posted in Hazey's Insurgency.

    I edited my previous post, didn't see you posted already. @DaVidoSS

  5. Thu Apr 28 19:32:45 2016
    Murdock posted in Hazey's Insurgency.

    @DaVidoSS Try this one

    CACHE addEventHandler ["handledamage", { params ["_box","_selection","_damage","_damager", "_ammoType"]; if (_ammoType isKindOf "PipeBombCore") then { _box setdamage 1; //--- Event handler to call explosion effect and score. _box spawn INS_fnc_cacheKilled; } else { _box setdamage 0; }; }];

    Did try, did not work. :(

    I made it! It works:

    CACHE addEventHandler ["explosion", {
    	params ["_box","_damage"];
    		_box setdamage 1;
    		//--- Event handler to call explosion effect and score.
    		_box spawn INS_fnc_cacheKilled;

    The caches is not destroyed by bullets.
    It is not destroyed by grenades (at least EGLM, that was tested).
    But it is definetly destroyed via demo charge.

  6. Thu Apr 28 14:55:30 2016

    Thank you very very much, Kind Sir.

  7. Thu Apr 28 12:34:15 2016

    Oh.. I thought I did read something like non-specialists to be punished with extra disarming time and a possibility of exploding IEDs on disarm.

    Could be part of an ace module then.. sorry for the misconception.

  8. Thu Apr 28 11:27:49 2016

    not 100% sure, but it should be in the IED-Module
    IED Wiki

  9. Thu Apr 28 11:14:13 2016
    Murdock posted in Persistance and Restarts.

    And as soon as it is persist it will still be there after restart of the Server?
    Because the Player Position and stuff ain't saved through a restart.

  10. Thu Apr 28 11:03:20 2016

    You can Change, if only explosive engineers can disarm or everyone. Same goes for the lower chance of disarming when not explosive engineer.
    All changable in the Editor/Mission files.

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