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    Sat Apr 23 08:54:25 2016
    E ender2078 posted in Duplicate Players on Group stats?.

    Thanks Tup!

  2. Tue Apr 19 07:01:35 2016

    I think it did the trick! Thanks Yup and thanks Savage for checking. Sorry i did not respond to this post sooner

  3. Tue Apr 19 06:26:42 2016
    E ender2078 posted in Profile reset needed? (Solved).

    @GunnyDev I found an article about my error, but on a sidenote can you please look at the group tag "enclan, eternal" and see if there is a conflict between it and our new "Nemesis" group tag? we had to recreate our group because the tag was messy. I am also wondering based on a few more articles I am reading here, if we have a conflict with the two and thats why I was having issues described in the original post here. Thank you.

  4. Tue Apr 19 06:21:44 2016
    E ender2078 posted in Profile reset needed? (Solved).

    Yeah it looks like when I started playing Summer Chernarus with ALiVE it started working fine suddenly (I was checking constantly) so I am not sure what changed??? It now works on the previous missions as well where it wasnt.

    I am facing a new error thats spamming HUNDREDS of entries into our RPT, not sure if it is ALiVE related. If you could tell me a simple yes or no to this that would be a lot of help, just trying to find out where I should start looking. (also if you look at our group members you will see EN_Ender and "Ender" (thats me) in there twice, I am thinking maybe because I have two PCs that I play on and one has a diff profile name? I intend on changing this when I get on my other PC.

    Group B Alpha 1-1 (ox616dd300) -network ID 2:2768 -no leader.

  5. Sun Apr 17 15:59:12 2016
    E ender2078 started the conversation Duplicate Players on Group stats?.

    Hey guys,

    I think this is sometjing i need to ask you for help on. I think what happened is initially I had created my alive account, plugged in my player id, etc. Then i had also imported a squad.xml. now it appears that i am entered twice, under two diff names, and its not recording all my stats correctly as a result. Just a guess but im fairly sure this is what is going on.

    Profile 1: Ender
    Profile 2: EN_Ender (would like this name deleted if I have a choice)

    Thank you!/

  6. Sat Apr 16 09:20:33 2016

    Awesome Tup this is more good info! I can confirm I did do a server save and exit. I knew it can take quite awhile for it to propogate so I wasnt sure if it was that or I needed a profile reset (as i just finished posting about). Time will tell!

  7. Sat Apr 16 09:18:48 2016

    Hey Tup! Thanks for your response as always. Ill give that a shot tomorrow when I rework our chernarus map (the one previously working).

    I did seem to get Australia up and running on ALiVE for our group with no problems. I will doublecheck but i think those optional pbos r still in the addon folder, tho i did disable perfmon on it. So maybe that did the trick?

  8. Sat Apr 16 09:14:57 2016
    E ender2078 started the conversation Profile reset needed? (Solved).

    Read another article on this forum that said a profile reset might be necessary to begin recording time played/last played/shots fired??

    If that is true, may I request one for myself, and probably everyone in my group. We deleted our old group due to an issue with group name and rejoined under new one, think I read somewhere that might cause issues?

    Old group name: enclan, eternal
    New group name: nemesis

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Sat Apr 16 08:59:08 2016

    Snoman I am thinking that you and I are in the same boat on this. We have also just set up alive and are also not getting certain info such as last time played. Combat time, weapon usage, etc. I am thinking it might be something on ALiVEs end. Not sure what else we can do to make those stats appear.

    That being said, one of the devs mentioned using the "server save and exit" option after ur done with missions for the night. Be sure you are logged in as server admin otherwise it doesnt appear that it will do anything when you press it. It takes several mins for the saving process so dont get in too big of a hurry.

    Ill keep an eye on our stats and see if perhaps this does the trick. Hope this helps.

  10. Fri Apr 15 17:53:11 2016
    E ender2078 started the conversation Server Crashing Since Update/Adding Persistence (Solved).

    Not sure exactly where the issue is, though I dont believe it is with the newest version of ALiVE. We always had the persistence module in there but recently enabled perfMon and the AAF setting. And I added the two optional PBOs to the addons folder. Suddenly we are getting random crashes and when looking at the RPT right before it spits out a ton of random objects info/mem dump its showing this.

    Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 019AC630
    graphics: No
    resolution: 160x120x32

    Does anyone have any words of wisdom as to what might be causing it? Crashes are random times, could be 10 mins, or 6 hours later. THank you

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