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    Tue May 8 20:49:40 2018
    V V_Vulpes posted in Enemy AI helicopter use.

    Of course. gimme a sec.

    EDIT: Done. And don't worry. Maybe it is just me that screwed up big time. And providing everything i can is the least i could possibly do.

  2. Tue May 8 17:03:59 2018
    V V_Vulpes posted in Enemy AI helicopter use.

    Sry guys. I will reconstruct the failure in a vanilla environment and edit my ticket accordingly. Please bear with me for I am not really a veteran scripter/editor and still need much to learn. But I will upload it for sure.

    EDIT: Alright, reworked ticket is up. I also could expand my observations by a bit. Hope that helps.

  3. Sun May 6 07:47:35 2018
    V V_Vulpes posted in Enemy AI helicopter use.

    Will do, thanks.

    Opened a ticket. I could trace the bug to a recurring Error that is produced shortly after the mission starts. I included a screenshot in the ticket.

  4. Sun May 6 01:46:04 2018
    V V_Vulpes posted in Enemy AI helicopter use.

    I tried both actually. I used the Air Commander successfully before in other scenarios so I probably didn't do anything wrong. It isn't too complicated either.

    When the misson starts up the Air HQ is established and editor-preplaced as well as aditionally placed air assets are succesfully virtualized, which I checked via debug. Then the first Broadway requests (for CAP for example) are reported in but denied some short time later for the reason that apparently no aircraft is available.
    This all is reproducable

    If i can test out something else, please let me know. I'm glad to help.

  5. Sat May 5 23:32:15 2018
    V V_Vulpes posted in Enemy AI helicopter use.

    Hello All,

    I unfortunately can confirm Lukecyte's problem. I followed all the steps in this post an got to the same results. Helicopters spawn correctly, are virtualized correctly but do not start.

    Interestingly enough: planes do start but circle over the AF.

    Respawn of assets does not seem to work too.

    I just checked an older ALiVE Mission i set up and there everything was fine. When i reconstruced that mission in a new one, the problem occured again.

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    Tue Apr 25 18:23:41 2017

    Ah, i see. Thanks again. I hopefully am able to finish the mission now.

  7. Tue Apr 25 16:51:41 2017

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am working with Altis on a Standard OPFOR vs. BLUFOR scenario.

    By following your guide i could pin down what caused the problem although i do not understand it yet.
    I wanted a mixed force of gendarmerie and Nato units to patrol towns for which i put "BLU_F, BLU_GEN_F" into Force Faction of the civillian objective. By removing the gendarmerie faction everything worked as expected.

  8. Mon Apr 24 19:22:16 2017
    V V_Vulpes started the conversation Beginner Question - Civ. Obj. acting up.

    Hey guys, i got a problem creating a simple mission.

    My Mil. Placement (Civ. Obj.) Module only spawns troops of the opposite faction I entered unter 'Force Faction'. I checked and double checked if the faction spelling was correct, if the military commander had the right faction and so on. Not even the opposite military commander is responsible for this since i deleted him and all his military placement modules in order to track the error.

    When i erase the civillian objective module everything is fine.

    Thanks for your help and i apologize in advance for my basic knowledge, just started working with ALiVE.

  9. Mon Apr 24 19:13:02 2017
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