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    Sat Jan 13 01:19:45 2018

    @HeroesandvillainsOS No the way I described is the only way as far as I’m aware. Why not just play as a non-virtualized group of you and some AI and just venture where the fighting is?

    That’s what I do. I use Spyder Addons too which has a module you can sync to an object to recruit AI.

    Oh well. Thanks anyways man.

  2. Fri Jan 12 21:14:57 2018

    You cannot join a virtual group that way. No player should ever be virtualized, and no group he’s in either.

    Is there any way to make it work or is it absolutely impossible? I managed to get into a virtual squad using Zeus' remote control just now and nobody disappeared so is there something i can do to get this to work through the editor?

    This mission is for personal use so i do not mind if it is extremely buggy or something like that. The only reason i don't use the built in group option is because you can't pick what class you wanna play as.

  3. Fri Jan 12 19:38:56 2018

    I'm making a single player mission where the player starts in an AI controlled squad with the squad leader synced to the virtual AI system. Whenever i preview the mission the entire squad disappears except the player. This ONLY happens when the player is part of the squad, when the player is removed from the squad in the editor it functions like it should.

    I have been googling for hours trying to make this work but i could only find two people who match my problem. One on this forum and one on the steam workshop's comment section. None of them were answered which is why i am here.

  4. Fri Jan 12 19:29:38 2018
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