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  1. 7 years ago
    Thu Jul 21 20:04:36 2016

    Just wanted to see if anyone had a chance to review the video and see if they could make any sense of it

  2. Sun Jul 17 17:21:56 2016

    Ok, just tested in editor. When the map starts we'll see quite a few installations marked, even in places where no BLUFOR units are present. Once they fade, they're never replaced.

    I've recorded a video of this to show the entire story.

  3. Sat Jul 16 23:04:31 2016

    @HeroesandvillainsOS  Yeah, I waited around with the map open for quite some time and didn't see anything reappear. I'm not sure if the timer means that the info will refresh every two minutes (which is what I'm assuming) or that it appears briefly every two minutes.

    I'm also not sure if I'm supposed to only be able to see intel in the commander's tablet.

  4. Sat Jul 16 18:10:52 2016

    Bringing this topic back up as I'm experiencing the same issues.

    Would love to have intel in my asymmetric missions just to have a bit more of a sense of focus for the guys who are newer and put off by not having clear objectives.

    As mentioned in the earlier posts, when I test the mission in the editor I see intel as expected. In multiplayer on a dedicated server, I see intel when the map first starts, but it fades and doesn't come back.

    I'm using medium intel on 2 minute intervals.

  5. 8 years ago
    Sat Sep 26 21:23:13 2015
    P psianh auvyander posted in Mission Templates.

    @SpyderBlack723 I've used rhs_faction_usarmy_d, rhs_faction_vdv, and ISC_IS_I.

    Currently it's set where the player must be a member of rhs_faction_usarmy_d.

  6. Sat Sep 26 19:48:06 2015
    P psianh auvyander posted in Mission Templates.

    I've been trying to get a decent 3-way insurgency mission put together for what seems like forever. I finally succeeded after switching to different mods.

    Takistan Warfare
    This mission requires:
    All in Arma Terrain Pack
    ACE 3
    CUP Weapons
    Iraqi Syrian Conflict

  7. Sat Sep 26 17:10:37 2015
    P psianh auvyander posted in RHS and caf_ag_eeur_r.

    Only with the mod that adds CAF factions to the independent side.

    I've heard that CAF may not be supported any longer, but it seems to be the only choice left. Leights is not supported, correct?

  8. Sat Sep 26 16:32:41 2015
    P psianh auvyander posted in RHS and caf_ag_eeur_r.

    No, it spawns them as African models irregardless of friendliness. I've tried to dig into CAF and figure out how to edit the file so that ALiVE pulls the right group, but that seems to be a bit beyond me.

  9. Sat Sep 26 15:33:59 2015
    P psianh auvyander posted in RHS and caf_ag_eeur_r.

    I've been struggling with this for weeks.

    If anyone is familiar with the CAF and ALiVE mods, I would be very grateful for some help.

    I've tried using the CAF independent mod, setting the resistence and east friendliness to 0 to force them to fight, but doing so spawns African models instead of eeur_r like I wanted.

  10. Sun Sep 20 05:21:36 2015
    P psianh auvyander started the conversation RHS and caf_ag_eeur_r.

    I'm trying to set up an asymmetrical mission with rhs_faction_usmc_wd vs rhs_faction_vdv vs caf_ag_eeur_r.

    Unfortunately, rhs_faction_vdv and caf_ag_eeur_r won't fight one another.

    Now, before RHS 3.8 there was a small mod that worked to have them fight with one another, making a nice 3-way battle. But that no longer seems to be the case.

    I also found mention of rhs_faction_insurgents, and I've tried using that as my insurgent faction, but no units actually spawn when I use that designation.

    Has anyone else been able to set up a 3-way asymmetrical mission?

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