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    Wed May 20 13:55:12 2015
    R3d_N1nja posted in Mission Templates.

    I've witnessed this a few times recently with Spider's templates. coming across enemy squads that seem to be stuck in their formations and not moving at all (perfect lines). bit of an immersion breaker.

  2. Tue May 19 20:27:20 2015
    R3d_N1nja posted in Mission Templates.

    ah yes that would be a nice feature.
    I think the OPCOM recognizes when an objective is controlled by friendly's and does treat it as a 'hold', but i could be way off.

  3. Thu May 14 19:00:48 2015

    no problem. I understand the single player market is probably not their primary user base. And I actually wasn't aware that you could set the transport to fly really high.
    thank you for asking

    so the option is there for MP, just not us SP with no friends. haha

    as a follow up - using the current system to fly really high is fine. but what happens when you jump out with a parachute. is there a way to save your gear if you grab a parachute from within the chopper? and reapply once landed. Otherwise using this 'fly high feature' would not seem like a good option, and I would hate to see a wasted feature of ALiVE. I'm not sure if that is something that can implemented, as it would also help the MP user base.

    thanks again

  4. Thu May 14 18:10:27 2015
    R3d_N1nja started the conversation REQUEST: HALO - transportation option.

    As part of the combat support module transportation options - Halo insertion
    once in chopper then talk to Pilot
    chose insertion location
    part of the drop down menu is to be HALO inserted. - chose altitude.

    will need to somehow give players parachutes when this option is chosen, and retain all gear info for when they land. (Like Spyders Halo script).

    Further notes:
    Single player compatibility: when player jumps the Ai should jump also. When player pulls chute, the ai should also. (with some random timing so it looks good).

    Pilot could send msg "Approaching drop zone in 3....2......1......" and then circle above the target location until all units are out. Since in this case its not possible to 'get back in' the chopper, it should RTB automatically, instead of requiring the tablet command.

    Parachute should be applied on jump. Not before, in case player chooses to abort insertion and chose another style of insertion within the chopper.

    this could take a long time to gain the altitude in choppers - which could be a boring wait for players. perhaps a fade to black and move the transport unit on a path at the correct altitude towards the drop zone
    "ETA to drop zone 1 Minute" - Giving players a chance to get ready.

    the above option would be preferable so as to avoid flying over enemy locations trying to gain the required altitude.

  5. Thu May 14 17:45:47 2015
    R3d_N1nja posted in Playing Kunduz Alive SP [help].

    happy to inspire. haha. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a drop down option in the module as you suggested.

  6. Thu May 14 17:15:30 2015
    R3d_N1nja posted in Playing Kunduz Alive SP [help].

    not sure if that was intended to answer my question, but it does! Thanks for passing along the info.
    Will try this out ASAP.

  7. Thu May 14 16:03:45 2015
    R3d_N1nja posted in Playing Kunduz Alive SP [help].

    Is there a way to start a mission with the insurgency further ahead?
    eg. mission starts and already there are many HQ, turned civilians, and roadblocks setup. So as if your squad shows up and everything has already gone to shit, as apposed to being in mission and having to wait for all this to build up.

  8. Thu May 14 05:06:26 2015
    R3d_N1nja posted in Mission Templates.

    hey spyder - just spent a few hours playing template 1 - great stuff. I attempted using the HALO insertion many times which works, however in single player and multiplayer my squad does not teleport to me once i land.

  9. Thu May 14 02:15:54 2015
    R3d_N1nja posted in Mission Templates.

    Amazing thank you. I'm almost home and will mess around with them soon. Definitely will be a cool feature but not really something for your tutorial templates - or maybe an advanced section?
    I'll keep my comments focused on the topic at hand. Don't want this thread straying to be a feature request thread.

  10. Wed May 13 22:04:55 2015
    R3d_N1nja posted in Mission Templates.

    you're a machine! will check out tonight

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