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    Fri Jul 14 03:26:45 2017
    G Grimm posted in Blackfish spawning.

    Awesome, thanks Tupolov.

  2. Thu Jul 13 03:46:50 2017

    Yep, that's right. Something like C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Arma 3\missions\<mission name>\mission.sqm

  3. Wed Jul 12 22:52:00 2017
    G Grimm posted in Blackfish spawning.

    Least I can do given the support I'm getting!

  4. Wed Jul 12 22:26:16 2017
    G Grimm posted in Blackfish spawning.

    Yeah, sorry, I should have sent it unbinarised to begin with.


  5. Wed Jul 12 21:28:00 2017
    G Grimm posted in Blackfish spawning.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS Yeah they spawn and blow up for me on Tanoa with no outside mods too. But not because of hangers, but because the spawns don't respect objects I've manually placed down. I have no clue if they're supposed to check for placed objects or not though.

    I'm not sure either - I guess the blacklists in mil objectives etc are there to stop that. I get a blackfish (and sometimes a mixed vehicle) roast just putting down the modules, with no manual placement of any other objects :(

  6. Wed Jul 12 11:37:15 2017
    G Grimm posted in Blackfish spawning.

    Yeah, certainly:


    I get ALiVE from steam - it's the latest version from 27/6. I've also tried running with only CBA and ALiVE - still get lots of charred blackfish showing up.

  7. Wed Jul 12 07:39:28 2017
    G Grimm started the conversation Blackfish spawning.

    Does anyone else have/resolved the issue with the Blackfish spawning into buildings too small for them (ie any hangar), and subsequently exploding?

    It's very much like the problem described here:


    I have noticed it with other vehicles occasionally, however the Blackfish can be counted on to do it. They often spawn on one side of a large hangar as well, which guarantees fireworks and an exciting time for anyone standing close to them. The thread above indicates that the possible solution is map re-indexing, which I am loath to do. Any suggestions would be welcome - I have recreated the problem on Stratis and Tanoa.

  8. Wed Jul 12 07:12:20 2017
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