Ambient vehicles spawning in buildings and exploding (SOLVED)

  1. 2 years ago

    On the stratus airport, this one helicopter always spawns inside the airport command tower and immediately explodes. How do I fix this?

    I'm not exactly sure how the module finds places to put the vehicles, but I'm assuming it looks for certain types of structures and puts the appropriate vehicles there. If that's true, then I'm guessing it somehow thinks the command tower is a structure that a helicopter should spawn on. Is there any way to set the tower as a structure that should not have anything spawned onto?

  2. That is odd I've never seen that one before and I've tested on Stratis so much I could walk the island blindfolded. Are you using any mods ie: non-vanilla choppers?

  3. No mods; everything is vanilla.

    But I was mistaken about it being ambient vehicles. After playing around with the settings, it turns out the helicopter that spawns is not ambient, but is in fact part of the air units that spawns when I select yes for "Place Air Units" in the military placement module.

    And to give more details, first a few soldiers spawn in front of the tower, then a second later a helicopter spawns above them and halfway into the tower, which causes it to explode, destroying the tower and killing the soldiers beneath it.

  4. Thanks for the report... I wonder what has changed as I've never seen that happen before on Stratis. Will get put on the list for the next update.

  5. Probably a BIS update, there seemed to be some update that caused all of the air spawns on vanilla maps to be a bit wonky.

  6. I was going to make a post about the issue but found this instead, slightly annoying but not mission breaking.

  7. Been having the same issue - having to go without air units, or any vehicle placements at all. They explode on spawning at Camp Maxwell as well as the airport..

  8. 100% of the time helicopter will spawn inside the control tower at the Stratis Air base, as well as in the wall at camp Rogain and Maxwell. Spooks people who load into the mission with high volume ;) haha.

  9. This happen to me actually at Pyrgos with a civilian module and low density of vehicles.

  10. Friznit

    12 Feb 2016 Administrator

    Just reindexed the maps and it's still happening. There's something wonky with cluster generation since the last ArmA3 patch. Some object id's changed (I really wish they'd include this in the patch notes) and now it looks like walls are being detected as viable locations to spawn helicopters. We're digging into the code to try and figure out why.

  11. Edited 2 years ago by dixon13

    I don't understand why they change the ID's????? It doesn't help anyone out. Some people design missions around those object ID's too.

  12. Friznit

    12 Feb 2016 Administrator

    Seems my index was borked. Tupolov did it again and they helis are no longer assploding. We'll do Altis to, so problem solved finally.

    And I need to fix me dev environment .... again.

  13. Alive keeps spawning helis in the hangers of cup takistan airfields that explode also. Are the hangars supposed to be for jets only?

  14. Are these the big green hangers where the helis explode? I would think there is enough room there... anyway soon we'll be able to index maps ourselves and Taki probably needs a re-index.

  15. Deleted 2 years ago by Tupolov
  16. Yeah, large green hangars.

  17. Thanks for the reports... marking this solved for now. A ticket has been added on the bugtracker.

  18. How do you re-index a map? I'm having the same problem on Altis. Chopper keeps blowing up at the cap just W of the main central airfield.

  19. At the moment it has to be done internally but (hopefully) for next release anyone will be able to index a map. Stay tuned for updates!!

  20. Altis and Stratis have been re-indexed for the next update as well.


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