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    So the first thread I see is about ACE3 + Wasteland so I am encouraged I will get a good answer.

    Simple: Are there any issues using ACE3 along with ALiVE?


  2. Friznit

    24 Sep 2015 Administrator

    They work fine together. Only real conflict is between ace map tools and alive adv markers but easy to work around

  3. That is good news. Thank you for responding. What is the easy workaround? Conflict?

  4. Friznit

    24 Sep 2015 Administrator

    Press Escape!

    It's cos the only key bind you can use for map stuff is shift-onmapclick, so if you try to spin the ace compass you'll get an adv marker popup - just press escape and carry on spinning.

  5. There are a few other (minor) ones we've seen, and one major.

    * IEDs / vests from Alive use vanilla explosions, and thus don't throw frag or respond to ACE interactions for disarming. If you're willing to double up on gear, carrying an ACE disarm kit with a vanilla/Alive mine detector will work for either.

    * Logistics are duplicated. Don't expect things loaded via Alive logistics to appear in the new ACE vehicle cargo area, or vice versa.

    * Civilian interactions are duplicated. You'll have the "Arrest/Search" on the wheel, and the ACE menu interactions for handcuffing/searching/escorting.

    * (Kindof a feature?) The Alive markers will show on your MicroDAGR. Make sure you're not marking intel if you want that device to only show default mapping.

    * As of 3.3.1, ACE breaks kill events. That's bad. The A3 engine doesn't report a killer when someone dies to scripted damage, and all ACE damage is now scripted. This is low on their list as the scoreboard isn't a necessary feature for realism. On the flip side: this means you'll no longer get Alive kill tracking on your server. I'm in the process of hacking together a compatibility pbo to properly report the kills to the War Room, but that's at least a week out.

    All that said: at this point my clan is getting 100% gear/player persistence on an ACE mission with an Alive war going on 24/7, even after restarts. It's an amazing combination.

  6. Friznit

    24 Sep 2015 Administrator
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    Most of that is duplication rather than incompatibility. We necessarily build ALiVE for vanilla, so anything that adds a modded item (e.g. IEDs) we can't directly support unfortunately. Never say never though, it may be that we or ACE team can figure out a way to plug in eventually but my guess it's not high on the priority list for either dev team right now.

    Logistics was built with 3rd party mods in mind so it should be easy to disable, although ACE would need to add a line to their scripts to persist the objects & vehicles (same deal with R3F or igiload). Otherwise you can turn ALiVE player log on and off in game to quickly persist items (pickup & drop or get in/out should make them persist to DB).

    Interesting point on the kill events. I wasn't aware of that. If it's true it'd certainly a major issue for the War Room, and I suspect a hell of a lot of other things that rely on kill events.

    Ultimately it would be cool if we/they/someone could build a bridging script between the two mods - I actually have all the touch points documented from a while back, but it's just not a high enough prio right now I guess!

  7. Friznit

    25 Sep 2015 Administrator

    Confirmed the kill event thing is indeed an issue with ACE 3.3.x I have no idea whether this is an intended feature or a bug but it breaks various scripts including ALiVE data, not to mention friendly AI simply ignore you if you kill their team mates.

    Meanwhile I'm personally rolling back to ACE 3.2.1, which worked fine!

  8. I have a really ugly hack in our mission right now for this. I'm hooking handledamage and mpkilled; giving addRating credit to whoever touched them last. It's releasable as an addon, I just think shipping a ball of duct-tape like that is bad form.

    From the issue thread on github it doesn't sound like it was intentional, so much as a known limitation that they rolled on with. This is their absolute best medical module release so far though, so I'm groaning about rolling it back to the 3.2.1 buggy state.

  9. 4 years ago

    I understand both ACE and ALiVEs view points but many of us that use your mods, use them with other mods. Its especially to be expect a mod that like ALiVE would be used with ACE in most situations. So why would compatibility be so low on both developers ends?

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    Arguing with people from a year ago? ;)

    I played a mission with ALiVE and ACE last Saturday and everything was fine. What exactly is the problem?

  11. Because both development teams have their own roadmap to cover. The issue stated in this thread was resolved awhile ago.

  12. It still is an issue as far as I can tell. How ever BIS is looking at a fix for this and similar problems due to issues that RHS had run into as well.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS  Arguing with people from a year ago? ;)

    I played a mission with ALiVE and ACE last Saturday and everything was fine. What exactly is the problem?

    I was not trying to argue with people just simply suggesting that both development teams had undervalued the scoreboard.

  13. Lots of ALiVE users adore ACE. If you see any specific incompatibility issues, definitely post your suggestions.


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