How to correctly whitelist (infantry) groups to Player combat logistics module?

  1. 2 years ago

    Does ALiVE have its own group types that are spawned when player uses Player combat logistics module to request them? If so are these groups listed somewhere?

    I'd like to whitelist only few infantry groups available for my mission that can be requested from the logistics module.

    I did try with "OIA_InfSquad" (from Community Wiki - Group types ) and it did work to the extent that every other asset got blacklisted, which is good.
    But I'm still able to spawn any type of infantry as individuals or in groups when I only wanted to have the possibility to only spawn OPFOR Infantry Squad type.

  2. Actually, I've been wondering how to do this too. Good question!

  3. Yes good question - BUMP

  4. I want to know this too! BUMP!

  5. Edited 2 years ago by marceldev89

    The blacklist/whitelist settings for the player combat logistics module will only affect the individuals list. The groups list uses the blacklists from (ALiVE_PLACEMENT_CUSTOM_GROUPBLACKLIST).

    Anyway, to blacklist ALL individual items in the list you can put something random in the whitelist setting for the module and it will blacklist everything (not sure if it affects things like sandbags and things like that). The important thing is that the whitelist setting needs to be non-empty.

    EDIT: You can also use the ALiVE_PR_CUSTOM_BLACKLIST and ALiVE_PR_CUSTOM_WHITELIST variables for the individual items using the guide linked above, it seems.

  6. Thanks for the answer @marceldev89, makes sense.

  7. 7 months ago

    Coming back to this after quite some time :)

    Is there a way to blacklist groups from the player combat logistics module without affecting what groups the AI commander will be able to spawn from the logistics pool? I mean, doesn't the ALiVE_PLACEMENT_CUSTOM_GROUPBLACKLIST remove groups so that both the players and the AI commander won't be able to call the blacklisted groups at any point(?)


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