Custom Combat Support Problems

  1. 2 years ago

    I am trying to just use editor placed squads to serve as each side's Player Combat Support units, but I am having issues getting them to actually be available on the CI2STAR interface. I have the right script snippet in the init fields, though I could be putting them in the wrong init. Who should get the init code? The vehicles themselves or the squad leader in charge of them?

    As far as syncing goes: I don't need to use the pre-defined support type modules (Arty, Transport, CAS modules) at all if I am syncing the units directly to the main CS Module, right?

  2. Friznit

    25 Mar 2016 Administrator

    It goes in the init line of the vehicle and then sync the vehicle to the Combat Support module.

    e.g. this setvariable ["CS_TYPE","CAS"]; in an attack helicopter.

    Some artillery mods can be really funky and won't work. Just BIS things.

  3. What about the vanilla "mobile mortar team" groups? Those were the types of artillery I was using for 2 of the teams. But the regular stuff I know should work wasn't working either; like choppers for CAS and transport.

  4. Friznit

    26 Mar 2016 Administrator

    I just tested it all on Altis and didn't have any issues with it working.

  5. Edited 2 years ago by PillowTalk

    I think the issue was just where I put the init lines (put it in the group leader's box not the vehicle's). I am starting up the edited one now to see if it works.

    EDIT: No dice. Got the right script code in the init box of the vehicle, have the vehicles synced to the CS Module. I get the option to see the Combat Support menu in the CI2STAR tablet, but there are no assets listed to use.

    Using them with the modules works, but I needed at least one of them to be a pre-placed unit with a name for scripting purposes. I am not sure if putting "this = name" in the code box on the module will work for that. Thankfully its a chopper, not an artillery unit; the artillery module has no code input box.

  6. 11 months ago

    I've tried this multiple times today, and in no way can I get it to initialize in game. Ive added this

    setvariable ["CS_TYPE","CAS"]; et al (Altitude, callsign etc) to inti, synced it to the module and nothing.

    I can see the callsign in the CS Tablet, however there is no taskings available for the bird, nor is there a helicopter outline next to the callsign.

  7. Edited 11 months ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    So you're just trying to manually place a chopper and get it to be available as CS correct? Nothing fancy?

    just put

    this setvariable ["CS_TYPE","CAS"];

    In the init of the manned chopper (double click and put this in the init box). Then sync the chopper, not the pilot, to the CS Support module.

    I like to put a callsign in too. Use this as a guide:


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