Embed Battlefeed externally?

  1. last year

    I'm just curious if it would be possible, or even feasible to have the live battle feed of a group embedded outside of the war-room?

    Since the maps my group plays on so far hasn't been tiled yet for the AAR option, I had thought that maybe if the battlefeed data (just the who killed what ai and who went kia) could be linked to (iframe or otherwise) I might be able to keep that data on our website.

    I had tried setting up an iframe once before but it always showed the login screen.

    So in short, this is purely a question out of brainstorming.

  2. @marceldev89 ?

  3. Edited last year by marceldev89

    As far as I know there's no "embeddable" battle feed but you could use the JSON feed to build something for yourself I guess. You'll obviously have to replace the id with your own group's tag.. :)

  4. Perfect! I can totally work with that!

  5. Out of curiosity, is there a place where I can see what is available/not-available from the api?

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    Nope, you'll have to monitor things with Chrome's (or whatever browser you're using) developer tools to figure out the API calls. :)

  7. Fair enough. Thanks for the help @marceldev89 !


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