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  1. 7 years ago
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    Hey all,

    Been playing fine the last few days on my dedi server. However tonight we found a bit of an issue. I don't think it is ALiVE issue per se, but i know there are some very knowledgeable people here who might be able to steer me in the right direction. Tried googling it, but not really getting any results.

    Here is my error code in the .rpt;

    6:29:14 Server: Object info 4:129 not found.
    6:29:14 Can't change owner from 0 to 983643064

    and it is spammed a LOT, sometimes causing desync on the server.

    Any and all ideas are very much appreciated, thank you!

    UPDATE: Seems like it's doing it when people open up the RHS boxes for gear

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    Can you duplicate this without ALiVE? If so the RHS team should know. I had an issue with the RHS special weapons boxes shooting pop up errors and had to remove them from my missions, FYI. I never checked the server rpt though so I can't say if the errors are related or not.

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    Are you by any chance using ALIVE'S HC balancer or any other HC scripts?

    If so, try turning that stuff and try again.

    If it still persists, I would let the RHS team know.

  4. Yeah, without them it seems to work fine, probably an RHS issue.

    Thanks for the feedback though! I didn't think it was an ALiVE issue, i'm just more comfortable with this crowd then other forums / mod communities ^^

  5. What was the issue? Removing what fixed it?

  6. the RHS crates

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    For me it was just the special weapons crate. All the others seem ok, but I haven't checked the actual rpt. I'd say if you can, reporting your issue to the RHS team on their feedback tracker would be a good move though. That kind of error spam is certainly less than ideal.

  8. stop making so much sense heroes :P
    I'll be adding an issue to their tracker later today, will post link here for anyone interested in the follow up :)


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