@aliverserver and @Advanced Rappelling conflict?

  1. 6 months ago

    Hi there. I noticed the other day that the "rappel self" function was not showing up anymore after I started using ALiVE. I started to play around with it and found that when I run @aliveserver in the -mod line the "Rappel self" option is no longer available. If I take it out or put it in the -servermod line it shows up again however my player no longer syncs to the War Room. Has anyone else had this issue?

    Oh btw Urban Rappelling still works without issue.


  2. Sorry I should say that the "Rappel Self" does not show up when I am in a chopper at an insertion point. My bad.

  3. Edited 6 months ago by Rivin

    Quick update. If I have:
    -servermod=@aliveserver;@AdvancedRappelling;@AdvancedUrbanRappelling advanced rappelling works from choppers. However persistence and some functions such as "talk to pilot" no longer work.

    If I have:
    Persistence works but rappelling does not.

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    Weird. Been awhile since I used it with ALiVE but it used to work fine on a dedicated server. I used to launch it clientside only if I recall. Can you try that?

    So only run Advanced Rappelling on your own PC and leave it off the server and see if it all starts working.

    Been a bit since I used smaller outside mods like that one (I try to use as little mods as possible these days), but they definitely played nice not long ago. Though note I could be wrong and just running it clientside. I don't seem to remember running it on both but it's possible I guess. Man my memory is bad. It's only been like a month since I launched it online :(

  5. 4 months ago

    I have always opted to have @aliveserver alone on the -servermod line and everything else attached to -mod

    Never had an issue running the two together this way.


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